Great 100 years in Japan│Citroen Centenary Gathering

This year, Citroen celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2019. News from events all over the world celebrated it, but here also some commemorative events took place in Japan. This time, let's report on the state of "CITROËN CENTENARY GATHERING" held by Peugeot Citro エ ン n Japon on the main stage at Ark Hills Ark Karajan Plaza in Akasaka, Tokyo.

The area of ​​Ark Hills in Akasaka, Tokyo, where large-scale redevelopment was carried out in 1986, the earliest time in Tokyo, has matured in the depth of the trees surrounding the building after 30 years. It became a city to let. The attached Suntory Hall and ANA Hotel also have the impression that their style has increased compared to when they first opened.

ARK Karajan Square in Ark Hills was selected as the main venue of "CITROËNCENTENARY GATHERING" held by Peugeot Citroen Japon to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Citroen.

The day before the event was ready just after 21:00.

During the event from September 17 to 23, nearly 20 new and recent Citro エ ン ns will be on display at Karajan Square, including Citro エ ン n official merchandise, Daikanyama Tsutaya Bookstore shops, collaboration cafes, and movie screenings. Was. On the last day of the 23rd, an early morning event at Daikanyama Tsutaya Bookstore and an urban parade run to Karajan Plaza took place, making the event a splendid and wonderful event worthy of the 100th anniversary.

In fact, this edition of the Citroen Centenary Gathering also cooperates with the Japanese edition of Octane, and both the writer and his car on the 2CV who enter and exit the editorial department will also participate in the operation. Actually, it was a lot of trouble a month and a half ago, but here we will start with the situation on the 16th, the day before the event.

Preparation began on the afternoon of the 16th. Organizer Peugeot Citro エ ン n Japon has brought the latest C3 Aircross SUV and C5 Aircross SUV, as well as the 100th anniversary limited edition C3 Origins and Grand C4 Space Tourer Origins as show vehicles. In the underground parking lot, three test vehicles such as the limited C3 St. James are also prepared separately. The face of the Peugeot Citro 顔 n Japon representative was full of motivation to sell, or, no less.

The 5HP type C of 1923 [in one theory, 1925], which is classical to see, was placed next to the latest model. Immediately after the war, a French missionary brought to Japan, undergoing various changes, and has been in a long sleep in a corner of the warehouse for 15 years. It was only recently brought to Peugeot Citroen Japon, and this time it has been seen by many people.

1923 5HP Type C

A café-type H was dropped off from the carrier car near the Suntory Hall. The owner is Carroll in Fukaya, Saitama. Before the enforcement of the Recycling Law, this shop had many old scraps such as Citro エ ン n, Peugeot and Saab as parts. Although this Type H has a brilliant career, such as being placed in a cafe in Tokyo or being used for movies, it will be used as an exhibition vehicle and a storage room for the editorial department at this event.

Year unknown Type H

While the creation of official goods and shops at Daikanyama Tsutaya Bookstore proceeded at a rapid pace in the plaza, successive Citro エ ン ns arrived one after another by the owner's drive and began to line up at the exhibition location. The black Traction Avan 11BL opposite Type H is a short wheelbase type called Leger, the last model in 1952.

1952 Traction Avan 11 BL

Next to it were two 2CVs. The gray 1955 AZ is the oldest 2CV in Japan with a number. By the way, the oldest existing 2CV in Japan is A in 1954, which is on display at the Toyota Museum, but it was Mr. Harashima, the owner of this AZ, who told me about that. Probably Harashima, who is probably the most knowledgeable about 2CV in Japan, doesn't always think.

1955 2CV / AZ

And another white 2CV is my 1990 special. It is a one-owner final model, running 130,000 km, but the main parts such as painting remain original. Original, it's a magic word. Even if the bumper has rust, you can forgive the fenders for countless steps of stepping stones.

1990 2CV / 6 Special

The 1968 DS, wearing a bit deeper red, is a British model with a right-hand drive, just after the switch to the late model called the Cat Eye. The owner has little experience of participating in the event, making this a great setting for the DS. Hydraulic pneumatics have already released hydraulic pressure and the vehicle height has dropped. Its appearance is a spaceship.

1968 DS21 Pallas

The creamy-white 1978 Ami 8 has just recently been restored and is shiny. For the 100th anniversary exhibition, it should not be a car with rust on the bumper, should it be such a car? Such thoughts pass through my mind, but it is too late.

1978 AMI 8

The dark green 1975 SM maintains four round lights, the original specifications in Japan and the United States. Here too, the height is lower, but the impression of the short rear section is more like a space fighter than a spacecraft.

1975 SM

The GS is supposed to be lined up next to the SM in 1974, but has not yet appeared at this point because it was brought in the next day. The GS that is supposed to come here is a bit special in this exhibition car. GS Bilotor, a model equipped with a twin-rotor rotary engine. There is definitely only one in Japan. Surprisingly, this bilotol is repaired by the owner, Mr. Obata himself, and although not numbered, he can run on his own.

1974 GS Vilotol

The light blue metallic CX25GTI is a 1987 model of the series II. Although the mileage exceeds 200,000 km, it is in very good condition. Mr. Nagano, the owner of the 100th anniversary event held by the Japan Citroen Club [CCJ], was introduced to many of the participating vehicles this time. Only Nagano can't get his head up. The circumstances around that are in a separate article.

1987 CX 25 GTI

From the next BX, it will be a zone that should be called the age of neoclassical or no Bertone. The beige 1986 BX16TRS is an early model, known as the BX bobbin, faithful to the Gandini design of the Bertone era. The owner, Mr. Honda, was still in his twenties but got the BX under the influence of his father who was riding a BX break. Speaking of which, Mr. Nagano's father at CX also had three BXs. Whether it is the afterimage of a unique styling imprinted as a child or the magic of the ride of Hydropneumatic, many people have been switching Citroen for two generations.

1986 BX 16 TRS

Exclusive of 1998 XM also by Bertone design. Late type shiny silver. Owner Suzuki is an old acquaintance of the author. XM alone has over 15 units, and Citroen has more than 30 units. The late model is Xm instead of XM, so let's move on to the next Exantia because it is noisy.

1998 XM Exclusive

The end of the Bertone zone is Exantia. The last model of the previous model was a silver SX in 1997, a left-hand drive model that became the last in regular imports. There are many owners who cannot leave Exantia for some reason. The writer actually switched over five cars. Mr. Fushimi has spent 100,000 km with the exantia for 22 years since the purchase.


Next to it is a beige 2008 C6. Seven years have passed since the production was stopped, but the design of the Citro エ ン n after a long time, and the performance of Hydro Pneumatic, which showed the last shine, has not faded and remains relatively high in the used car market. The future of this car is bright. Maybe it will be decorated for the 200th anniversary.

2008 C6 Exclusive

The last one is a car with a design that seems to be a Citro エ ン n in a sense different from the 2017 C4 Cactus and C6. Unlike the C6, which was a great quote from the past, it proposed a new Citro エ ン n design and paved the way for today's C3 smash hit. The owner of the Cactus is Ms. Moriguchi, a car critic known for French car enthusiasts. In fact, Mr. Harashima who rides on 2CV also has a cactus. The value of Cactus Design will be proven not only by the general public but also by core Citroen lovers.

2017 C4 Cactus

Although GS has not yet arrived, the exhibition of successive Citroen was completed after 21:00 on 16th. The official shop and the Daikanyama Tsutaya Bookstore shop also have products lined up, and it seems that the Ark Hills Café has become a Citroen collaboration. The preparation is complete.

Many people visited the venue on the 17th from the morning. People heading to the Ark Hills office also stop and look at the Citro エ ン ns in a rare way. You can also see the faces of famous car critics and photographers of familiar automobile magazines and Web magazines. People who take pictures one by one eagerly and enjoy shopping at official shops and Daikanyama Tsutaya bookstore shops clearly say that this event must have visited Karajan Square for the purpose, it is a weekday after consecutive holidays But! When GS Virotor arrived after noon, they were a bit of a revelation.

Looking away from the car and looking at the state of the official shop, you can see the topical sickness prevention glasses “ Seatloen '', mainly on miniature cars and key chains, such as 100th anniversary goods and various apparel products, and other things you saw at the official online shop Some products did not have any. The Daikanyama Tsutaya Bookstore's shops also have a wide selection of attractive products that tickle the geek's heart, such as various Citroen-related books and minicars, and posters by Kojiro Imamura, who died last year. I personally wanted Imamura-san's double-screen 2CV silk screen, but I couldn't afford it. Let's think if it remains until the last day.

Citroen official shop with 100th anniversary goods.

A car corner shop at Daikanyama Tsutaya Bookstore. Many mini cars, books and posters lined up.

When I checked SNS, there were already many videos and photos. The enthusiasts favored the GS Virotor loading scene, but those who seemed to be less familiar with the car seem to be appealing to DS and SM's overwhelming presence. Of course, the popularity of primitive 2CV is also high. Women's reception is outstanding. But isn't your acquaintance talking about my 2CV rust? Extra things [laughs].

What was surprising was that there were many posts that talked about Citroen other than DS, SM and 2CV. The 5HP and the Traction are treated as a so-called "classic car" image, and the Ami8, which almost no one has ever seen, is "cute" and has a much better female reception like 2CV. I wonder if this is the same reaction for Ami 6 or not.

For many years, many had missed the classic H, GS, and CX models that were Citroen's flagship models. Those who owned the Neo Classic Classic BX, Exantia and XM were posting with memories of those days. C6 and C4 Cactus, especially C6, are not sold on SNS, but still sold at the exhibition site, as evidenced by the editorial staff who asked the local mad madam at least once, "Oh, a nice car. How much?" It seems like a new car.

Speaking of new cars, the latest Citro エ ン n exhibition corner is also thriving, and there are not enough people! The expression of the person in charge of the Peugeot Citroen Japon running around also smiled. Above all. At night, a movie featuring Citroen was shown. Many people stopped on their way home, from the way home to the Suntory Hall, and admire the masterpieces and Citroen. It was an adult town, Ark Hills.

The wonderful four days passed very quickly, with the exception of 5HP and Type H, with the exception of Citro エ ン n, who withdrew on the night of the 20th in preparation for Event Phase 2 on the 23rd. It's a pity that GS Virotor is here. Next time, I heard that you can see him running at the French Blue Meeting [FBM].

Early in the morning, successive Citro エ ン ns gathered again in Daikanyama, Tokyo, after the rain. Today's Daikanyama Tsutaya Bookstore Morning Cruise will feature 26 special exhibits including Citroen Special and Ark Hills Historic Model. After the end, we plan to parade downtown and head to Ark Hills again.

Morning cruise of Daikanyama Tsutaya Bookstore is also in Citroen special edition. High and pose with the participant's double chevron!

The special exhibitions consist of Traxion Avan, Ami, GS, Xsara Picasso, C2, C4 first generation, C5 second generation C4, Cactus and DS3. DS, SM, CX, XM, Exantia, C6 increased to 2 each, BX increased to 3 and 2CV increased to 4. By the way, I succumbed to the pressure of the 2CV owners, and participated in the second generation C5 owned by my brother instead of 2CV. Not shiny but at least no rust.

The two cars are basically the first and last models, but the nice brown XM is changing the latter model to the first model. One of the BX's was expected to participate in the last model, but the strut was missing just before, and he borrowed a middle-class model in a hurry and entered. It is a heartwarming but heartwarming story. In rare places, only two BX 4TCs in Japan participated and attracted the attention of many Citroen fans.

When the name of Citro ト ロ n still remained, the red DS3 was the car of Mr. Soichi Shimizu, a car journalist. Ms. Moriguchi participated in the C4 Cactus following ARK Hills, and despite the industry's foremost Citroen enthusiast, the car was held together with Renault Takashi Takeda for a discussion with the participants in the venue.

In addition to the special exhibition, more than 20 Citro エ ン n attended the venue. Looking over, there were unusual Citroen figures such as a 2CV commercial vehicle version AK, BX Sport, and a C4 WRC replica dressed in Red Bull color.

After 9:30, we finished a morning cruise of about two hours, and it was time to depart for the Historic Citro Emparade. With the latest C3 Aircross SUV in the lead, successive Citro エ ン ns head to the city center one after another. Since the order is oldest, C5 of the writer who is also the management side acts as a palace. In front of you is Shimizu's DS3. Although late September, the sun has come up in addition to the humid places after the rain. The good weather for the parade is a bit hot for Traxion and 2CV. This is a 21st-century Citro エ ア コ ン n, so the air-conditioning is comfortable.

A 2CV formation from Yamate Street to Omotesando.

From Yamate Dori via Inokashira Dori, from Harajuku Station to Omotesando. The parade runs were not led by white bikes, so the platoon was split into several groups. However, there are many people waving their hands off the road and turning their cameras. Our group is C2, DS3 and C5, which have little impact compared to 2CV and DS, but the welcome from the roadside is still good. From Miyakezaka, I went clockwise from the Imperial Palace to Harumi Dori, and around Ginza, many people pointed to cameras and smartphones again. Several Citroen, who participated in the morning cruise general participation, also stopped on the other side of Chuo-dori. From Toranomon, pass Sotobori Street to Ark Hills, the goal. There were also many cameras and welcome applause.

A parade scene from Daikanyama to Akasaka. Precious BX 4TC also participated.

And again, Karajan Square was filled with successive Citroen. Many people are surrounding the vehicles on the last day of the three consecutive holidays. The last Hydro Citro エ ン n, but rather weakly appealing writer, C5 also received unexpected attention due to the good luck next to Mr. Harashima's AZ who arrived late. The 2CV owners are very service-minded, opening the roof and sitting down on the seats. But you guys, it's a bad habit to open the hood, stop it.

Friendly 2CV owners explaining to visitors.

Surprising, smiling, and nostalgic are floating in the eyes of those who watch the Citroen on display. There is no such a variety of reactions when arranging cars from other manufacturers. Basically, Citro エ ン n, who is a mass-produced car maker but has been sending out cars with a rich personality, once again thought that it was an original and special brand.

Except for the official shop and Daikanyama Tsutaya shop, the number of products was greatly reduced. Unfortunately, Imamura-san's silk screen was not found either. A little relieved in many ways. The new car display corner and the test drive event held from 21 to 23 were also bustling, and the smile was still floating in the slightly broken face of the person in charge of Peugeot Citroen Japon. Above all.

The event ended with an evening party. The owners who took the car in and out many times were thanked by officials. After 21:00, I loaded the collection of Mr. Nagano, which was on display at ARK Hills Cafe, on CX and sent it off. And we go to the last task. Now, wipe off the faint oil and LHM on the floor of the lovely Ark Karajan Square!

Thanks to the Citroen owner

The selection of exhibited vehicles for this successive model was carried out by the 2CV rider with the cooperation of Mr. Nagano of CCJ, Mr. Harashima who is famous for 2CV ride, and Mr. Hoshino of Citroen Pro Shop RS-UNO. Especially during the preparation period of about a month and a half, I exchanged emails and telephones on a daily basis, and sometimes came to the meeting place with the wonderful CX Series 2. In addition, as mentioned in the text, valuable catalogs and minicars, including GS Bilotol, displayed at ARK Hills Cafe were borrowed from Nagano's vast collection. Without him, this event would not have been so exciting. Of course, I'm just grateful to all the Citro エ ン n owners who helped me for over a week.

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