GS Yuasa,the battery business of adding value to the global expansion in the earnings update to the challenge

GS Yuasa is a 2 day industrial lithium-ion battery module”LIM50EL Series”start selling announced.

【Here】FujiFilm, a growing area of emphasis in strengthening the operating profit of the consecutive highs updates to the challenge

This new series is a conventional”LIM50EN series”compatible products from the material, to optimize the life span characteristic is significantly improved. Functionally the conventional features of inheriting the frequent charge and discharge is performed, or the application of a relatively high temperature environment even in the long-term use is made possible.

GS Yuasa,in 1859 島津源蔵 it was founded by lead acid battery manufactured from lithium-ion batteries manufacturing and marketing of GS [Japan storage battery]and,in 1913, Yuasa 七左衛門 is established,storage battery manufacturing from the automotive battery, dry battery manufacture and sold by YUASA[Yuasa Corporation] is a 2004 merger,as a holding company, was established.

By 2019 3 month period of sales is 4,131 billion yen. Business segments % of total automotive battery, charger, such as the domestic automotive battery 22. 2%, overseas automotive battery 45. 3%, industrial storage batteries,alkaline batteries,lithium ion batteries such as industrial batteries and power supply 16. 9%, electric vehicles, hybrid vehicles, such as automotive lithium-ion battery 11. 0%, submarines, satellites for lithium-ion batteries and other is 4. 6%, and various battery operations GS Yuasa watching the movements of the.

■The previous fiscal year[to 2019 3-month fiscal period] and current prospects

Previous sales record to update 4,131 million yen [year-on-year 0. 5% increase], operating income of ¥ 22.7 billion [the same 3. A 3% increase,operating income before the amortization of goodwill is the same 4. 1 percent to 251 billion yen]was.

Operating income[before the amortization of goodwill], the lead price increase of retail pass-through penetration of the domestic automotive battery is a 17 billion yen,overseas automotive battery is 16 billion yen was. On the other hand, the power supply of the decreased sales in the industrial battery power source for 1 billion yen and raw material price increases and an increase in R & D costs in the automotive lithium-ion battery is 10 billion yen, and research and development expenses the increase in other is 12 billion, respectively, was recorded, a decline.

Now half [4-9 month] net sales 1,904 billion [the same 2. 6% decrease], operating income[before the amortization of goodwill, the same hereinafter]is 87 billion yen [the same 6. 1% increase] during the current fiscal year recorded the highest sales of 4,150 billion yen [the same 0. 5% increase], on the other hand, lead to rise in price and labor costs due to an increase in operating income of 220 billion yen [the same 22. 4% decrease] with a decline expected.

■Mid-term management plan[year 2020 3 month period ~ 2022 Years 3 months]domestic promotion strategy

2022 Year 3 months ended net sales 4,600 billion yen [for Year 11. 4% year on year] and operating income of ¥ 28.0 billion [+11. 6%increase] and the highest revenue update aim,the following strategies to promote.

1. People, society, and environmentally conscious product development and manufacturing structure of the building such as Corporate Social Responsibility contributions.

2. Business Strategy: 2022 Year 3 months ended net sales and operating income goals

・Domestic automotive batteries,with emphasis on selection and concentration, and the development of higher value-added products and services promote sales of 850 billion yen, operating income of 70 billion yen.

・Overseas automotive batteries,developed in Japan, technology in the global market, expand market share and build an optimal production structure: net sales 2,000 billion yen,operating income of 130 billion yen.

・Industrial batteries power supplies,IOT leveraging high-value-added products, expand services and improve profitability: sales 1,000 billion yen, operating income of 80 billion yen.

・Lithium-ion batteries for automotive application, the partners, strengthen the electric vehicle, a hybrid vehicle for the development and promotion: net sales of 550 billion yen, operating income of 10 billion yen.

Other,state-of-the-art performance and the quality of the battery in new social infrastructure development contribution: net sales 200 billion yen operating income△10 billion yen.

Continue creating new value in energy・devices・will promote GS Yuasa of movement,attention. [Article: city-Ho only to righteousness・The article list to look at]

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