GT-R with 2-door hardtop evolved to win the race | Nissan Skyline HT 2000 GT-R II Vol.1

Hakosuka GT-R was born to win in the racing world. At the heart of it was the S20 engine with a 2ℓ inline 6-cylinder DOHC 24-valve engine of unparalleled specifications at the time.

ポ テ ン シ ャ ル Although its potential was overwhelming, rivalry was also intensely challenging, and the limit to fighting the race with the 4-door sedan-based PGC10 was becoming apparent. The rival is a Mazda with a rotary engine. Among them, the Familia Rotary Coupe was aggressively attacking the GT-R with its lightweight and compact body and powerful engine.

2To overcome this situation, Nissan launched the two-door hardtop KPGC10 in October 1970. The wheelbase has been reduced by 70 mm and the number of doors has been reduced to two, reducing the vehicle weight by about 20 mm and significantly increasing body rigidity. The overall width has been increased by 55mm by adding an over fender to the rear. Wide tread significantly improves cornering performance. As a result, he managed to defeat the strong enemy Rotary and set a milestone with more than 50 wins in total.

2The two-door hardtop KPGC10 has become more popular than the four-door sedan PGC10 due to its success in the race. The interior has been unified with a more sporty image, and the meters are integrated in front of the driver. Full bucket type seats are standard equipment, but the tradition of the 4-door GT-R, which has optional radios, heaters, and clocks, has been inherited.

The odometer is 42613㎞. The tachometer has a yellow zone at 7000 rpm and a red zone at 8000 rpm. The speedometer is 240㎞ / h full scale. In later models, the needle of the meter was changed to orange with high visibility.

Organ-type accelerator pedals are bigger on the GT-R.

The ignition system is equipped with a Mitsubishi transistor igniter as standard.

The genuine front brake is the same as the sedan's PGC10, which is a combination of Sumitomo's two-pot caliper and a φ253.5 mm solid rotor.

The 100mm fuel tank installed in the trunk is unique to GT-R.

Nostalgic Hero vol.197 2020 February Issue [All the contents in the article are those at the time of publication]
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