Guideline for psychological defects, notification period for accident property is about 3 years

On the 8th, the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism compiled and published the "Guidelines for Notification of Human Death by Real Estate Agents", which has been discussed and examined with real estate agents.

Guidance was given on how to make announcements and investigations in real estate transactions that are psychologically defective due to the occurrence of human deaths, especially suicides, other deaths, accidents, and lonely deaths.

While exploring and discussing the ideal real estate industry that is trusted by consumers, the business operator has an opinion on the so-called "accident property" and asks "how long do we have to notify?" The background is that there were calls for the realization of. In February 2020, the ministry established the "Study Group on Psychological Defects in Real Estate Transactions" (closed) and has been studying it repeatedly.

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