Guragram Maison Tokyo -Shinpei Hirako's swaying thoughts: Episode 8 Yuta Tamamori “Shohei”…

The original story of the serial drama “Grand Maison Tokyo” starring Takuya Kimura [TBS series, 9pm on Sunday], the young chef, Shohei Hirako, who plays Yuta Tamamori, is the main character “Gragla Maison Tokyo-Hirako” Exclusive distribution of the 8th episode of “Shohei's Shaking Thought” “Shohei Hirako and his friends, each night” started on December 9th with the video distribution service “Paravi”. Shohei, Miyu Haruna [Aki Asakura] and Moe Matsui [Ayako Yoshitani] take a different path …

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