Gyokusai Ayame, first instagram after catastrophe "Try it every day?"

Actress Gome Ayame [27] updated her social media for the first time in about a month and a half, and many fans received ale.

Tsuyoshi was the first to update Instagram since the breakup with ZOZO founder Yusaku Maezawa [43], who had been associated with him, was reported on the 12th. “It's mid-December when I noticed that it's approaching the end of the year … Every day I'll try to improve something laughs, maybe it's just a photo, maybe it's just a photo. Lol, what do you try every day?" Showed willingness to update in the future.

Hashtag asks, "What do you think?" There are many comments from fans such as “I want you to do it every day! Do n’t overdo it! Let ’s move forward!” “Ayame-chan, do your best! I was sent.

While Tsuyoshi was appearing as a guest on TOKYO FM “Skyrocket Company” broadcast on the 10th, he acknowledged the catastrophe with Mr. Maezawa, but “the shape is over, but my feelings remain. "I was confused by him."

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