Gyoza comes to life again and again! Fukuoka's new specialty, “Steamed Gyoza,” is a dish that you want to eat only in winter

What is this gyoza …? Let's say it from the conclusion.Dumplings are back. It may not make any sense at all, but the devil Buu, who has become dusty, has made a comeback as if it were coming back.

This time, the shop that offered rare gyoza was Ike Saburo, located in Imaizumi, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka Prefecture. New Fukuoka specialty"Cooked gyoza"I tried to go with the uri …

・ It is better to make a reservation

This was a very good gyoza for winter. One advice before the meal repo is that it is safer to make a reservation during the cold season. That's why Ikesaburo has a shop near the center of Tenjin, so people returning from work are coming.

Actually, the reporter is barely safe. I went without a reservation because I was using one person at the same time as opening hours on weekdays, but I was stopped at the entrance."I came here (one д⊂) chain"I told them that they would only be able to do it for a limited time, but at this time they seemed to be unable to enter it, even if they were confused.

・ The ability of cooked gyoza

By the way, let's go back to "Reviving gyoza" from here. Ikesaburo is a izakaya rather than a gyoza shop. In a calm atmosphere, customers can enjoy drinking and drinking gyoza. So, of course, I ordered the cooked gyoza on the signboard menu (700 yen for 6 servings per person) …

(^ O ^)

Everything seems to be taking soup from chicken and pork bones and cooking homemade gyoza. Somehow it looks like a horse, but if you ask the skin "only for cooking", the expected value will jump. And the bean jam is charcoal-grilled using various parts of the local chicken. There is no doubt that it is not so much gyoza as it has a lot of customers.

Let's cook gyoza!

When I try to eat a sip, my body warms up so quickly that it makes me sick. Yeah, this is the real pleasure of winter. Hook while pouring cold beer into the water.Oh, alive …!

It looks like a dumpling somewhere, but the inside of your mouth is filled with sizzling and bean paste. And if you chew it, the scent of charcoal fire is fluffy. Also, the combination with crunchy green onions is good, and it goes well with beer. With dumplings that feel the season …Good!

If I did this, I should have asked for two people.

I regretted that, but if you ask, it is possible to do so, so I will reply with two replies. ThenTake the whole pot……

Gyoza, great revival ……… !!

What a dejav. If you are thinking about replacing gyoza, what is it? By the way, some people may be concerned about the taste of gyoza, but make full use of tabletop spicy miso and yuzu pepper.Taste changeNo worries because you can enjoy. Yuzu pepper is especially delicious!

Speaking of Kyushu, Yuzu pepper cannot be removed. In fact, it has the best compatibility with gyoza, and I personally use little yuzu pepper for grilled gyoza. This combination is great, but cooked gyoza was no exception. This is umme …

・ Cook anyway

When you're full, you can order noodles or uncles. The reporter chose noodles (300 yen). Here again the pot was lowered …

I guess I'm going to go to the noodles (laughs)

Well, this is a kind of tonkotsu ramen that is kind and delicious, and I could feel the commitment to "cooking" at the restaurant. As a result, finish with 12 dumplings, shime noodles and 2 glasses of beer. I am full and satisfied.

As an aside, some of the customers seem to finish on the “gyoza → noodles → uncle” course. I thought how much I would eat, but that was the horse I wanted for my stomach. Sesame mackerel and fish-based menus were also substantial, and next I would like to try another one.

・ Roll the phone

When I was eating, I heard that the store phone didn't stop ringing. When I asked the clerk about the congestion situation, I heard that it was too short, and when I asked the clerk, "It was not so much in November, but it suddenly increased when it got cold in December."

Especially on Friday and Saturday it seems that it will be crowded without reservations, so if you want to eat at this time, you should contact in advance. According to the official website, there are four stores in the prefecture. I also do mail order, so if you are worried, try guts and revive gyoza.

・ Detailed data of stores introduced this time

Store nameSaburo Ike
Street address11-10-15 2F, Imaizumi, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture
time18: 00-23: 00
holidayIrregular holidays

Reference link:Hakata-cooked gyoza Ikeda Wasaburo

Report:Harada Takashi

Photo: RocketNews24.

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