Hachimura base 15 points! 5 digits in a row, 5 consecutive races: 3 steels

Wizards rookie Yamura Ran [22] made the start in 10 games in a row after returning, marking a double-digit score for 5 games in a row. 15 points, 7 rebounds and 3 steels in the most 32 minutes. The team was thrown away in the second half, losing 21 wins and 37 losses this season. Jazz stopped with 4 consecutive losses.

Hachimura made a showcase from the first quarter [Q] with offense and defense. Shortly after the start of the game, two lay-up shots were successful. In the remaining three minutes, he reached out to his opponent's pass and recorded his second steal of the day, bringing in his own and slamming a dunk.

After that, he set his breath on the bench and returned to the court again in the middle of the second quarter, succeeding in jump shots and three-point shots. He scored 11 points in the first half alone and added a double-digit score.

In the 3rd quarter, after entering the shooting position under the goal, he made a fake lightly and invited an opponent's foul to win a free throw. I dipped two exactly. In addition, there were scenes in which the driver actively cut in and lowered the shot. There was no shooting opportunity in Q4.

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