Hachimura loses to Bulls

Wizards, to which Yachimura Ran belongs, lost to Bulls 117-126, losing two straight wins, losing 20 wins and 35 losses. The Bulls stopped their consecutive losses at 8 and lost 20 wins and 38 losses.

After returning to Yachimura, he played for seven consecutive games and played 28 minutes and 30 seconds with 10 points, 8 rebounds, 4 assists and 1 steel, a double-digit score for 2 games in a row.

The team struggled because they were outnumbered from the beginning. Ace's Bradley Beer pursued late in the game with 53 goals, the most, but did not reach. In the next round, they will face the East District leader Bucks with 48 wins and 8 losses on the 24th [Japan Time 25th].

◆ The story of Yamura R 塁 The ball was not turning at the offense. I don't think he concentrated on defense. That should never be the case. [Joint]

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