Hakone Ekiden qualifying round will be finalized with no spectators around the GSDF

The Tokyo Hakone Round-Trip University Ekiden Qualifying Tournament [October 17th] will be held on January 2nd and 3rd next year, and the Kanto Student Athletics Federation will change the course this year, and the final adjustment will be made with the attendance of an unseen audience. It was revealed on the 6th that I had entered, by the people concerned. Measures to make the prevention of new coronavirus infection a top priority. It is a course that goes around the Ground Self-Defense Force Tachikawa Garrison [about 3.3 km per lap] in Tachikawa, Tokyo. It will be announced soon.


The new coronavirus will also simplify the qualifying session where the joy and tears for the right to participate in the Hakone Road on New Year's Day intersect. Every year it was a course that started from the Ground Self-Defense Force Tachikawa garrison, passed through the city of Tachikawa, and headed to Showa Memorial Park at the goal. According to the people concerned, this tournament will be about 3.3 kilometers around the Ground Self Defense Force Tachikawa garrison. If the course becomes the site of the Self-Defense Forces, watching games will be limited to university personnel and general visitors will not be able to enter.

Every year, many people gathered on the course, starting from Showa Kinen Park, the goal point. Not only the members, but also the graduates who were full of love at the alma mater, such as the sponsoring association of each university, listened together while praying for the results announcement. "Heaven and Hell". The scene where the light and dark were divided was a tradition for Ekiden fans.

However, even though it is outdoors, it is inevitable to be crowded and close when held as usual. The danger of unknown virus violence and clusters [mass infections] increases. The support of fans and OBs is a great force to support the players, but the cost of infection cannot be paid. It was a painful choice. Another aim is to reduce the number of operating staff by making it a circuit course.

The guidelines regarding the operation of the tournament announced by the Japan Land Federation require "setting the number of participants in a day's competition that can avoid 3 congestion". At last year's tournament, 506 people from 43 teams started at the same time. However, there are plans to change the rules such as increasing the time required to participate in the qualifying session or reducing the number of participants in the race in order to make the running group smaller.

Vice Chairman Hiroshi Nikuma of the Kanto Student Athletics Federation said, "We will make an effort to hold it normally. It is one of the options [on the lap]", but according to another person concerned, it will be adjusted to almost every place. It's done. In addition, according to the management guidelines, holding of the qualifying session is premised on "cancellation of the emergency declaration". Depending on the social situation in the future, the competition itself may be affected.

■June Qualifying session canceled, "All Japan" Kanto representative recommended school selects documents

○…The recommended school of the Kanto region representative of All Nippon University Ekiden [November 1st] has been decided to be the “document selection” of the top 7 schools in the ranking that totaled the record of 10,000 meters that eight athletes marked last year. The ticket for Iseji was decided at the qualifying session in June every year, but it was canceled due to Corona.

◆Hakone Ekiden Qualifying Tournament: Ground Self-Defense Force Tachikawa Garrison Start in Tachikawa, Tokyo. A half marathon [21.0975 km] running in the Tachikawa city area and reaching the goal of Showa Kinen Park. Of the entry players up to 14 at each school, 10 to 12 will participate. The top 10 teams with the lowest total time required [10 last year] can qualify for this competition.

Participation qualification is a male registered member of the Kanto Student Athletics Federation, and the total number of participations in qualifying and competition is less than 4 times. Last year's tournament required that all entry players have a certified track record of 10,000 meters or less in 34 minutes and 0 seconds since January 2018. Candidates for the Kanto Student Union Team are also decided by the results of the preliminary round.

At the qualifying session last year, Tokyo International University passed 1st place, and 7th place University of Tsukuba was intoxicated by the joy of participating in Hakone for the first time in 26 years. In this year's qualifying session, Chuo Gakuin University, Chuo University, Takudai, Shundai, etc. who missed the seed right given to Hakoneji 10th or more this year, as well as Yamanashi Gakuin where the continuous participation in the main game was interrupted in 33 years Majors will participate.

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