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Halo Infinite postponed until 2021, misses simultaneous release of Xbox Series X-Engadget Japan version

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<p>Halo Infinite</p>
<p>Microsoft's signature game "Halo" series exclusive studio 343 Industries has announced the postponement of the release of its latest work "Halo Infinite".</p>
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The new "Halo Infinite" will be newly released in 2021 from the end of 2020, which was originally planned. Microsoft's new game console, Xbox Series X, which was confirmed to be released in November this year, will not be available in time.

According to 343 Industries' top Chris Lee's statement, postponement would require more time to achieve the vision of Halo's most ambitious development team of all time, while still delivering quality that would not disappoint fans. Because it was determined to be.

Regarding the delay in development, it was assumed that there were multiple factors including various effects of the new coronavirus infection throughout the year, and if we force the release according to the original schedule of the year-end shopping season of this year, the development team's He explains that it is not sustainable for health and welfare, or for the overall success of the game.

In short, even if it is a death march hard work, it will be impossible to make it in the end, so we will delay the delivery date.


Halo Infinite is the latest addition to the Xbox and Microsoft iconic game Halo. Reflecting Microsoft's new game business strategy, it is the first in the series to release Windows PC and game console Xbox at the same time, and it is a multi-platform that works not only on the next-generation Xbox Series X but also on the current Xbox One.

It has also been announced that the battle mode will be basically free.

The story is a sequel to the ending of Halo 5 on Xbox One, and should be numbered to become Halo 6, but reflecting this new platform expansion strategy, not only hardcore fans but also beginners of the series first play We are aiming for a "mental reboot" that you can also enjoy. (I used to think of Halo 4,5,6 as a new trilogy).

Xbox / PC new work "Halo Infinite" play video first release. Chief hooks for three-dimensional mobility and high-speed combat

With this in mind, Microsoft was unveiling its Halo Infinite campaign play video for the first time at the July Xbox Games Showcase online distribution event.

As far as watching the video, there are new elements such as the first appearance of an open world field map and a new equipment grapple shot that enables three-dimensional mobility and high-speed combat, and there were certainly new and exciting parts for the fans of the series. There was also a reaction that the halo that is familiar in terms of graphics doesn't always appear, and the Xbox Series X, which claims the highest GPU performance of the next-generation console, seems to be the current-generation game console even though it should be the actual device.

In response to this reaction, 343 Industries wants the graphic quality to be judged by the original 4K HDR, and one of the reasons it seems to be "usual" is because of the spiritual reboot of the series. It was explained that only a small part was. It's easy to imagine that the deferred decision this time is also influenced by the subtle reaction to this first public video.

Microsoft wants to avoid compromising the new Xbox and the entire gaming business with the postponement of the signage title Halo Infinite, or because the postponement announcement has not been delayed, Xbox Series X will be released in November this year, the game is optimal In addition to more than 50 new releases* of this year's release*, we announced that you can play thousands of titles from the release date with 4th generation compatibility* from the original Xbox.

(*Including for current generation machines)

(* Whitelisted "Compatible" only for software that Microsoft has selected, optimized and tested.)

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