Hama Okamoto new corona "negative" fever symptom last month

OKAMOTO'S bassist Hama Okamoto [29] announced on the official website on November 15 that he was "negative" for the new coronavirus.

He reported that he was still in poor health and was awaiting the results of the second PCR test on the 14th of the previous day. "I was diagnosed as negative for the new coronavirus today as a result of the second PCR test," he announced in the announcement on this day. "In the future, under the doctor's diagnosis, we will thoroughly manage the physical condition of Hama and Okamoto and strive to recover at home aiming for early recovery," he said again about the resumption of activities.

Hama had a fever symptom on the 30th of last month, and regularly appeared on TOKYO FM "THE TRAD" [Monday-Thursday 3:00 pm] for 3 to 4 days, 8 to 9 days and 2 weeks in a row. Because of the absence, he announced on the 14th that he will not appear on the broadcast this week. Originally there was concern about asthma, which is a chronic disease, and while waiting at home, I had the first PCR test on the 4th of this month and had a negative diagnosis on the 8th.

Also, on the official blog, my mother and talent, Natori Ogawa [57], was not living with Hama at the moment on the official blog with her husband, Masanori Hamada [56]. However, I will continue to manage my physical condition and observe health every day. "

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