Hamazu Takayuki: “Life changes 180 degrees” with “Turtle stop” appearance Night in the car × Gourmet…

ド ラ マ Drama 25 “Zetsu Meshi Road” [midnight on Friday at 0:52], which is being broadcast on TV Tokyo and others, depicting a salaryman looking for “Zetsu Meshi”, which may be extinct while staying in a car. Takayuki Hamazu [38], who plays the director Takayuki Nippure, plays the hero Tamio Suda in the movie "Don't Stop the Camera!" It is. When the drama was broadcast, SNS attracted the audience, with voices saying “Healed” and “Hamazu-san was so cute”. After appearing in "Turtle Stop", he asked Mr. Hamatsu, "Life has changed by 180 degrees," about his thoughts that he had passed in the first starring of terrestrial TV drama and his journey to becoming an actor.

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