Hanajun Yamatani: The actress who is talked about in “The Movie Code Blue”, this year's goal is “To follow the heart…

The actress, Kanjun Yamatani, recently interviewed her in a sunny appearance. In the movie released in 2018 "Theatrical Code Blue-Doctor Helicopter Emergency Rescue-" [directed by Masaki Nishiura], it is a topic that played Tomizawa unknown who was affected by late stage stomach cancer, and that he appeared in a drama in a play Yamatani who became. He said that his goal for this year was to “follow his heart” to Ema, and “Last year, director Nishiura sent me the sentence“ Follow my heart ”last year.“ Mobile Suit Gundam UC ” It's a dialogue, but it was a word that resonated as an actress and as a single person, so I hope that I will do my best in 2020 as well. "

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