Hanako Miyagawa “I will definitely live until I see Daisuke” 2

Hanako Miyagawa [65], who had been taking a rest due to poor physical condition since June, interviewed in Osaka city on the 11th and revealed that he was fighting with multiple myeloma. While continuing hospitalization at a hospital in Nara Prefecture, he reported on the current state of full-scale rehabilitation.

[Hereafter, one question one answer]


-What was said to be a half-life

March 19, 18th.

-How did you take it?

I thought it was autumn. I didn't want to know Daisuke for the time being. But it immediately disappeared. I went to the teacher the next day and was relieved to say that it wasn't frequent. It ’s said that even here will be cured. I went to the radiology department as if I went to the radiology department on the way home from the theater and got a cold medicine like a dentist. I don't know anybody around me.

-What kind of disease did you understand?

At first I was a shaping teacher. He was a young hematologist. Most of the time I was ill, even if I had cancer, I said it would come to the spine, and I came to two places. I muttered. For the time being, it was a close inspection, so I went to the teacher the next day and was here. I did n’t come after. I immediately treated radiation. The doctors at Osaka Hospital, Clinic, and Nara Medical University are my doctors, so I had a great cooperation with them.

-What Daisuke thinks

The nurse has come to the hospital all the time, and the nurse is also "friendly. My husband is kinder than watching on TV." My bed is full of Santa Claus sweets. Like a pediatric ward. Even though I didn't have a grandchild, I bought a really cute doll. What I thought about this time is who I will be with when I get married, and who will be with me at the end? If my husband always came, married and poured me love that hasn't changed for 40 years, if there is anyone who can greet me at the end, I feel happy. I heard that half of the people who treated this disease also have a life span of 8 years. After 8 years, Daisuke said, “Tell me about that. I do n’t want to see you off. I decided to stay alive until I left off Daisuke. Is it love that is offered at the end of the bride-in-law for him?

-Return is not yet decided

I want to return. After all it is laughing Hall of Fame NGK [Namba Grand Kagetsu]. I think the customer will tell you everything. And I still want to have a proper stage. I can't imagine Manzai now.

-Med for discharge

not yet. I hope to be able to walk properly. If you can walk, or you can ride in a wheelchair yourself. I told Daisuke and the 20th year of the Olympics that he was quietly quitting, and Akira Murasaki said, “That ’s not good, I ’m still trying hard.” However, if something happens, it may have been difficult to celebrate 2020. With a plan that lives even more greedy.

-When do you want to return?

It is said that if you do rehabilitation, you will be able to walk in half a year, so don't panic, don't rush, don't give up.

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