Hanako Miyagawa “Joying the skin with scissors”

Hanako Miyagawa [65], who had been taking a rest due to poor physical condition since June, interviewed in Osaka city on the 11th and revealed that he was fighting with multiple myeloma. While continuing hospitalization at a hospital in Nara Prefecture, he reported on the current state of full-scale rehabilitation.

[Hereafter, one question one answer]


-Movement during the period when I was not treated for 5 months

I was upset by myself, so I really explained it, but when these treatments start, there will be side effects and various things. For example, because I had a carrier for hepatitis B, I was told, “Please take this medicine, today.” Many people around me got cancer, and when I was treated with anticancer drugs, I could only get the negative things of various people, such as drugs falling from my hands or not being able to take drugs. When I was going to treat myself, I thought, “I don't want to lose my hair. I didn't tell everyone, so I went to work. Starting in April, I was gradually getting into wheelchairs, and I was allowed to do performances where I could go. At first, I stood on the podium, and after I finished it, I got on a wheelchair, but when I stood on the way, I felt numb, "I'm sorry, please sit in the wheelchair". When you get on and off the Shinkansen, if you want to get in a wheelchair, drop down and say "That?" Gradually, the right side is numb, and the left side of the pallet is also numbing. When I went to the hospital, I had a pressure ulcer. She was treated at the hospital and cut her skin with scissors. I could hear the sound of joking, but there was no pain.

-Is it not cured?

I never knew it was. It was later that I took an X-ray and said, "There is such a tumor here." When I entered the hospital, I never knew where my tumor was. I didn't think it was a tumor. One day the teacher and family watched X-rays and said "Wow, it's disappearing." As it gradually became so, the place where the orthopedic teacher had a hard neck was "because my bones were melting". I found this a month ago. If I was told "I'm like this" at first, I don't know if I gave up rather than treating it. If you do this, you can't do it. I wrote a picture [of multiple myeloma written in a file distributed to the press] about how I did my illness. I have a illness here. The picture is like a trembling because my hand can't hold a pencil. [Bone] was broken here.

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