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The Super Nimai performer and singer Naomichi Hanazono [31] will release the “Hyakka Ryoran-Blossom” campaign in July this year in Osaka and Kyoto for three days.

Hanazono, who visited the Nikkan Sports Newspaper Company in Kita-ku, Osaka, for the 16th, expressed his ambition, "I want to sell more singer Hananozono in 2020!"

This year, we released a new song for the first time in four and a half years. While performing many stages and gaining talent as a performer, he has never had a prominent track record as a singer. It was a year that strengthened singer activities, saying, “I felt it was important to get many people to know and become fans through TV appearances and live performances. I want to sell CDs and make achievements”.

I'm going to try more greed next year. He swears a leap to say, “I want to do this. I want to make this song a hit,” including a stage performance with a big celebrity and a channel on Youtube.

The campaign in Kansai was on Dec. 17 at Otori Wings [Nishi Ward, Sakai City] and Talk Town Higashi Kishiwada [Kishiwada City]. Held in the Hirano store [Hirano-ku, Osaka city] and Izumiya Okubo store [Joiyo city], respectively.

In addition to singing, the mini-live will also show dancing. “I enjoy interacting with customers directly and I like it. I want to do everything I can,” he said.

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