Hand representative Shinnosuke Tokuda & Rennosuke "Our brothers in the Olympics"

Japan's Handball Men's National Team "Rampo Shogun" Shinnosuke Tokuda [24] and his first representative Rennosuke [21] aim for the Tokyo Olympics [Olympics] with their brothers.

The Japanese national team training in Tokyo in preparation for the Asian Championship [Kuwait], which will open on January 16, next year, will open their training to the media on the 23rd. Both said, "I want to go to the Tokyo Olympics with my brothers."

Shinnosuke made his representative debut in January 2016 at Tsukuba University. In 18 years after graduating from university, he signed a professional contract with Hungarian division Dabash, and in May this year he joined the Japanese league Toyoda Gosei for the Tokyo Olympics. Rennosuke signed to Poland's First Division Tarnow in September this year while enrolled at Tsukuba University. I was called for the first time at a training camp.

It looks just like you know your brother right away. Although the color of the hair is different, both are point getters with the left arm. The RB position is the same. The size is the same as my brother 178 cm and my brother 180 cm. He started his hand at the elementary school team "IDB Sports Club" in Yamaguchi / Iwakuni City, and played an active role at Iwakuni-Tsukuba University. He also played in Europe. Until he became the representative, he walked the same path with his brothers.

Shinnosuke, who entered Rennosuke's representative, said, "There is nothing other than stimulation. I can not lose as my brother." Rennosuke also said, "The representatives are at a high level. It's only possible to follow, but it's encouraging to have an older brother." On this day, Shinnosuke, who became the target of the press's camera, laughed, "I've never been able to take such two shots."

The Asian Championship is represented by 21 people, but the Olympics will be a narrow gate with 14 people. Shinnosuke, who has grown to become the central player of the national team, said positively, "I would be happy if I could enter the Olympics with my brothers." The Tokuda brothers will all fight for Asia, aiming for the first brothers to participate in the handball world.

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