Handball Japan wins a historic victory over China, then overthrows Europe

Japan won a historic victory against China.

Japan, which has already reached the first league [L] the day before, has scored nine consecutive points since the game started. When the first half was folded at 17-8, the lead was further expanded.

Over the past 19 wins, 4 divisions and 25 losses, overwhelmingly defeated by 17 points, a 14-point difference [37-23] victory over 2005. “It was good to win and go to the next [2nd L],” said Nagata Shiori, 32 [OMRON].

Both wings worked. Right side Natsumi Akiyama [25 = Hokugoku Bank] scored 8 points, Yuki Tanabe [30 = Hokugoku Bank] scored 6 points. Three players, Katsure Tomoe [30 = OMRON] on the left, added the half of the team score, and the side players decided. Akiyama, whose shot decision rate was below 50% against Europeans, looked back with satisfaction.

3 wins in the first league. Nonetheless, the winners were Argentina in South America, Congo in Africa, and China in Asia, which did not meet the goal of “Defeat Europe”. “I really wanted to win Sweden or Russia,” said Nagata.

The last 17-year tournament won Montenegro and lost to Russia, but one point difference. In the first round of the final tournament, he lost to the Netherlands, who finished third in the first round.

A local tournament with the confidence of being able to compete equally with Europeans. “There is a part that is valid. There is a chance to win, and there is a chance to win,” said Mana Oyama [26 = Hokugoku Bank] of the command tower, aiming to overthrow Europe in the second L.

Next year's Tokyo tournament will be the first Olympic in 44 years. The goal of “medal acquisition” has not changed. To that end, I would like to defeat Europe in this tournament. In order to carry over the results of the 1st L, the 2nd L starts from 2 losses. Opponent becomes Europe 3 teak which won C group.

“First of all, we will win the 8th game [vs. Montenegro]. Captain Nagata said a big goal.

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