Hanshin Electric Railway and Kobe, umbrella share”ideas Casa”introduction based on the demonstration of the business to

Hanshin Electric Railway and Kobe is 17, the NIG [Nature Innovation Group, Tokyo, Japan] and the tripartite cooperation agreement, and 4 from early umbrella sharing service”mobile Casa”, introducing the sharing economy utilization based on the demonstration project began. 2 years of planning,the introduction of a service in the Kansai region for the first time.

【Here】Umbrella-sharing era?

Card services is a NIG in 2018 12 months from the start of service, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government within the area including Yokohama,Fukuoka, approximately 800 locations in umbrella stand is installed,the user is about 8 million. The smartphone spots in the search of borrowing the return of the umbrella just read the QR code. Umbrella use is the spot where in can be returned.

Fee [tax included] 1 day many times owe even 70 yen. 6 or more days a month 420 yen for unlimited use. Vinyl umbrella buy cheaper than pick out can be a selling point.

Plan, umbrella stand spot is on the Hanshin line 49 stations out of the 39 stations, it to Kobe Sannomiya~Motomachi~Harborland area,Okamoto shopping street~Konan University area of around 80 locations, the number is about 2,000 books. To deploy the umbrella, the Hanshin Electric Railway Social of symbols”and”about”can.” And Kobe’s”Kobe re-development the logo”is designed.

Hanshin Electric Railway in 2016 from the 3 stations in the vinyl umbrella the”umbrella”arrangement, but in the process”and convenience,”whether we can”reduce waste can contribute to”consider factors such as the result of this play the introduction to.

Also Kobe is the 2 points in addition to ideas Casa the use of the data to the citizens of the migration propensity on the validation of the use of the idea in the next year, is entitled as part of the measures of the parasol-sharing service is also planned.

Japan umbrella Promotion Association, according to Japan the umbrella of the consumption per year is 1 billion, 3,000 million. Our umbrellas 8,000 million and to. Millions of yen for the low price of it cheap from the, literally”disposable culture”could be said to be the symbol of this, and began to spread the umbrella of the sharing service and change the culture of the bearers, and it has been attracting attention. [Article: the clear・The article list to look at]

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