Harazawa, Wolf, Yoshida: GS German tournament misses 3 players

The All Japan Judo Federation held a strengthening committee meeting at Kodokan in Tokyo on the 27th and missed the Grand Slam [GS] Dusseldorf [21st to 23rd, Germany], which was the last Tokyo Olympic [Olympic] representative selection tournament abroad. Three players have been selected as Olympics representatives.

The Strengthening Committee will comprehensively judge the results up to the GS Düsseldorf tournament and the competitive results of overseas players, and if more than two-thirds of the attendees judge that the difference from the second place is obvious, Was elected.

The latest GS Düsseldorf tournament was abandoned due to a breakdown, the 16th Rio de Janeiro Olympics men's 100 kg super-class silver medal Kuki Harazawa [100 Hyakugo Bank], the men's 100 kg class and the world champion Wolf Alon in 17 years [Ryotokuji professor], The 18-year-old women's 57-kilometer class was decided by three players, the world queen Tsukasa Yoshida. 19-year-old world champion Shiro Maruyama [Miki House], a 66 kg boy and a 19-year-old champion, will compete in a rivalry with his rival, Ichizo Abe [Nitai University] in the final round of the All Japan Selection Weight Championship [April 4-5] , Fukuoka].

Takanori Nagase [Asahi Kasei], who lost the first round of the GS Düsseldorf tournament in the 81 kg class for men, and Shoichiro Muko [ALSOK], a bronze medal in the 90 kg class for men, were also evaluated for their achievements so far, and were selected as representatives.

The Tokyo Olympics selection will be based on a “three-stage” selection that focuses on ensuring the preparation period for the players. This time it was the "second stage".

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