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Hard to collapse even with sweat in the hottest water! Liquid foundation that does not require a base "Coffre d'Or Clear WP Liquid UVn" for cool and shiny skin

Popular items released last year are available in a compact size that can be used up and used up all summer!

The liquid foundation that has been released last year and is resistant to the collapse of Coffret d'Or has evolved!"Coffret doll clear WP liquid UVn"Is a durable liquid that collapses at 35 ℃ and is resistant to sweat and water. The skin-friendly property and UV cut effect have been further improved, and it has a natural finish that protects the skin from ultraviolet rays while preventing whitening. In addition, it has a blue nuance pearl composition that makes it look cool and shiny. Immediately try out a strong ally against the heat!

Put the heat on your side! The durable liquid of Coffret d'Or that does not collapse even if you sweat from the waterfall has evolved!

Kanebo Cosmetics Co., Ltd.Evolution version of the liquid foundation that was released last year from the makeup brand "Cofre d'Or""Coffret Doll Clear WP Liquid UVn" (3 colors, 18mL, price 2,500 yen excluding tax / editorial department investigation, released May 1, 2020)Appeared!

"Coffret d'Or Clear WP Liquid UVn" is a waterproof foundation that is resistant to sweat and water. It is a liquid foundation that does not easily collapse even if it is extremely hot at 35 ° C or if you sweat waterfall. The point that power up this time is the PA value of good skin familiarity and UV cut effect. It has a natural finish that does not appear white even when exposed to sunlight, and the high UV protection effect of SPF50 / PA ++++.

In addition, since it adheres firmly to the skin with the "skin fit prescription" that reacts to the moisture of the skin and adheres well, it is nice that no base is required. If you apply foundation after applying a makeup base (sunscreen) in the hot summer, the two may be mixed due to the passage of time and sweat, which may cause breakage and collapse, but with "Clear WP Liquid UVn" 1 Since it is only the process, it is encouraging because it eliminates such concerns.

The color lineup consists of three colors, "01 Lighter skin color", "02 Standard skin color" and "03 Healthy skin color". It is said that it contains blue nuance pearls to give you a cool and shiny skin that looks good in summer.

Light and comfortable to wear! I'm glad that it doesn't collapse even if I wear a mask

This time I tried using 01! Mini size that can be used all summer, so it is convenient to carry. The colorful bottles are playful and cute.

The texture is smooth and fresh, with no particular scent. The goodness of freedom is outstanding! Extend it to the back of your hand and it will spread smoothly.

It doesn't look white and has a natural glossy finish. It is not sticky and feels light and comfortable to wear.

Let's apply it to the face right away.

Aim to use 1 time with a diameter of about 1 cm.

From the center of the face to the outside, apply it evenly. Even a small amount spreads well, so you can apply it quickly.

Especially, a small amount is overlaid on the part you want to cover. It is good that it does not get twisted or thick coating even if stacked.

A cool, glossy skin is completed! The luster is a soft and natural finish. The color is slightly bluish and the skin is one tone brighter.

The pores were covered nicely, but since it is thin and the covering power is not so high, it seems better to use a concealer for bears and acne marks. For those who want to have a good cover, we recommend layering the foundations from the top, but I think this is enough for people who like the light finish and natural finish, those who are working at home, and when shopping a little in the neighborhood.

Also, I am glad that I was able to keep a beautiful condition without twisting over time. When sweating or when you are worried about your skin oils, simply remove the tissue and the clean finish will reappear. It was hard to fall even with a mask on. Not only is it strong against collapse, but it also contains hyaluronic acid, which is a moisturizing component, and water-soluble collagen.

"Coffret d'Or Clear WP Liquid UVn" is hard to disintegrate, and UV care against the strong sunlight in the summer can be done perfectly, so you can keep your beautiful skin even in the heat. It's also a nice point that it can be used up in a summer. Recommended for those who want to finish their makeup in a short time, those who are worried about losing makeup due to sweat, and those who want to produce a cool, shiny skin!

Products can be purchased from stores selling Coffret d'Or nationwide or some EC sites.

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