Hard worker who has supported tough work, 1976 Nissan Violet Van 1400 Deluxe 2

There are three grades of van 1400: Super Deluxe is the highest grade, Deluxe is the middle, and the base model. Super Deluxe is equipped with luxury equipment such as wood grain type steering, and the image of a commercial vehicle is not felt at all.

In retrospect, there were a number of models with these van bodies in the sedan in the 1960s and 70s.
The engine and other powertrains are of the same series as the sedan, but the suspension, especially the rear, is usually a rigid axle, even if the sedan is an independent suspension.

The load of up to 500kg is applied, so it can be said that it is robust.
In the case of Violet, the sedan advanced grade is an independent suspension semi-trailing arm that flows the flow of 510 Bluebird, but the van is equipped with a semi-elliptical leaf spring. By the way, the inexpensive sedan grade is also a leaf spring.

Violet van. How many individuals will remain in the whole country …

Deluxe with standard 2-spoke steering as standard. The coverage vehicle's transmission was a 4-speed floor, but the deluxe could also choose a 3-speed column.

The engine is an L14 type, which produces 85ps of power and 11.8kgm of torque when combined with a single carburetor. The spec is the same as the sedan & hard top.

Plate attached to the bulkhead. The model number is H-VJ710.


76 Nissan Violet Van 1400 Deluxe [VJ710WT]

Full length 4175mm
Full width 1580mm
● Overall height 1435mm
● Wheelbase 2450mm
● Before / after tread 1285 / 1310mm
● Minimum ground clearance 170mm
● Dimensions in the cargo compartment <when ​​two people are on board> Length 1560 mm / width 1260 mm / height 795 mm
-Vehicle weight 1020kg
● Riding capacity: 2 people <5 people>
● Maximum loading capacity 500kg <300kg>
● Maximum speed 150km / h
● Climbing ability tanθ0.29
● Minimum turning radius 4.8m
● Engine model L14
● Engine type Water-cooled inline 4-cylinder SOHC
● Total displacement 1428cc
● Compression ratio 9.0: 1
Maximum output 85ps / 6000rpm
● Maximum torque 11.8kg-m / 3600rpm
● Fuel tank capacity 45ℓ
● Before / after suspension Suspension strut type / Semi-elliptical leaf spring type
● Brake front / rear two-leading / leading trailing
● 5.50-13-8PR both before and after the tire ● Price at the time of release 743,000 yen

Published: Nostalgic Hero October 2011 issue vol.147 [All information in the article is current at the time of publication]
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