Haruki Murakami's Corona Erosion May Affect Later Works

The author, Haruki Murakami [71], created an original spread of the new coronavirus in an emergency special number "Murakami RADIO Stay Home Special-Music for welcoming bright tomorrow" broadcasted on TOKYO FM on the 22nd. "It can't be unaffected by anything. As long as you breathe in and exhale like this," he said. He also said that it would be reflected in his work in some way.

Mr. Murakami requested from a listener that he wrote "All the children of God dance" in 2000 after the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake, saying "Please write something for us again" Received. He wrote the 1997 "Underground," summarizing interviews conducted with victims and their parties after the March 1995 Subway Sarin incident. Taking that as an example, "I think there are some efforts by novelists when something big happens. It's a big task to write as a direct subject. I'm interested in replacing it with another form. I think the novel characteristics will be exerted in the movement and conversion work. " "I don't know how this situation will be reflected in my work from now on. There may be a time painter before the results come out," he said.

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