Haruna Fuka, “Isn't it too short?”

Actress Haruna Fuka [18], known by the nickname of “Harukaze-chan”, reported that the threat of the bombing terrorist in 2016 was in effect and questioned, “Wouldn't it be too short?” I threw it.

Haruna updated her blog on the 10th with the title "No time to sin". “We reported the damage through the office to the Shibuya Police Station, and the bombing announcement dated November 24, 2016 has become effective.” Even though the killing and bombing notices to other entertainers and politicians are immediately arrested, crimes related to me will not be caught no matter how many times the damage report is filed, and it will be effective immediately Because of that, I am really regrettable because I am also suffering from the secondary damage of being suspected of making my own work, ”he expressed.

In December 2016, Haruna revealed on the Twitter the day before she appeared on the stage “Princess Agenda” that she had been told to kill her at the office and stage. The management side of the stage was wary of Haruna's murder notice, and the performance was successfully completed with measures such as baggage inspection, camera installation and patrol by private police officers to enhance security.

Since Haruna has received many slanders and rants on the Internet, and many notices of killing, he said, “ Persons who made particularly suspicious tweets from those who have been harassing for years "We decided to bring a trial against him." “What is aging? Even if time goes by and you forget it, there ’s no way for the wounded side to heal. You want to leave a safe Internet for your children. I hope that no one will be alone. "

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