Hayao Sato Enthusiasm for "Going to the Top" Senior Conversion

Up-and-coming four-turn jumper becomes a "pirate" in the senior debut season. Hayao Sato [16 = Eitaka Saitama], a figure skating boy who won the Junior Grand Prix final of last December, participated in the All Japan Senior Training Camp open in Osaka Prefecture on the 21st. In this season's program for turning seniors, I heard about using the movie "Pirate's of the Caribbean" in the short program [SP] and the jump composition.

Below, one question one answer

-What do you want to work on at this camp?

I was nervous at the first training camp, but if I could put myself out. I am having fun with my seniors.

-What are the effects of the new Corona and how is it practiced?

I haven't slipped since the beginning of April, but since June 1st. At first I felt like I had slipped after a long time, but now I feel very good. I've done training that I didn't usually do, such as onshore training and dance. I did a lot of things I couldn't normally do.

-Did you contact Kagiyama during the self-restraint period?

I sometimes get in touch. "How are you now?" "Are you practicing?"

-What is changing?

It used to be obvious that I could slip, but I had a strong desire to slip. I thought skating was important.

-What is the program?

Please ask overseas choreographers for both SP and free. SP is "Pirates of the Caribbean" and free is "Battle of the Kings".

-What about jumping?

I'm not trying new things right now, but I would like to increase the number of quads and gradually improve accuracy.

-What was the pre-season for the Beijing Olympics?

We aim to be in perfect condition so that we may have a match at any time. I want to practice expression as a senior player.

-What are your thoughts on SP and freelance?

SP is a famous song. I think it's a very difficult song, but I hope I can express it well in terms of expression.

-How do you practice?

On the contrary, I think I can practice more than before Corona. Charters have increased more than before Corona. I have a lot of practice because of the choreography.

-Are there any impacts from maintaining the high difficulty jump or the original plan?

It was around the time I was trying a new four-turn flip or a new jump, but I was late. I want to practice little by little.

-Flip this season?

I'm still scared and I can't do it. I hope I can jump within the year.

-What is the jump this season?

Although it is undecided, SP is a combination of 4 rotation toe loop, 4 rotation Lutz, and 3 and a half rotations. Free will be 4 revolution Lutz, Sarko and 2 toe loops. It is planned to be 3 kinds and 4 pieces.

-Senior first year. What is your position in Japan?

I haven't yet considered how much I should stand, even in Japan. I think it will be from now on, so I will do my best to reach the top.

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