Hayashiya Sosuke, who is a 210,000 betting ticket, free rakugo story with dividends

Hayashiya Somesuke [53], under the fourth generation Hayashiya Senmaru gate, held a "Weekend Horse Racing Expected Memorial Commemorative Rakugokai" on the 19th at Tenma Tenjin Shigetsutei, Osaka. The morning seat will be rented out with a dividend that hits Takamatsunomiya Memorial, and about 50 people will be invited by lottery for free.

Somesuke expects Takamatsunomiya Memorial in March on YouTube YouTube live stream. We spend 3000 yen each with Eifukutei Futaka [46] and Ohiragaji [41] who attended the conference on this day, and asked Eifukutei Ezuru [63] to give the same amount, and it was 217,720 in a triple box with 6 heads. I hit the circle.

At the same time as wanting to invite the audience to Soamesuke, he also had an idea for Shiro Ohira, who died at the age of 55 in 2012 when he played an active role as "Tahei Saburo Shiro" in the 80s comic boom. Mr. Shiro who was good at imitation. Somesuke said, "I've been in the imitation group of Mr. Shiro.

Giro is the last disciple of Mr. Shiro, who both wins a betting ticket and also appears in the commemorative rakugo party. Somesuke said, "I wanted to do the imitation of Shiro-san at Hosho-tei, but I died. I was able to put up his disciple on the stage of Hosho-tei. It is thanks to my teacher."

Rakugokai will also be performed by Kaoru as well as Kaoru, with Edakuru acting as Nakatori and Somesuke as Bird. The play was called "Enjoy on the day", but the pillow includes episodes related to horse racing.

Shigetsutei, which was closed to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infection, resumed after 121 days a day. Sommesuke was afraid when he heard that he said, "I went to a rakugo story every day, but I don't have to do it." At this rakugo story, I was enthusiastic about "I hope it would be a good place to live and live."

Please apply to the Rakugokai to the office dyeing staff [090, 9118, 7914]. The deadline is 17th.

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