He had landed in Japan! Exclusive coverage of singer Porsche running in Tokyo

If you're a Porsche fan, you've probably heard the brand name Singer. It is a car that has fascinated celebrities around the world with its original design based on the Porsche 964. It is completely made to order and the production volume is not very high yet. The classic Porsche editorial department conducted a singer Porsche exclusive coverage in Japan that could only be seen at special overseas events.

At a certain place in Shibuya, Tokyo, where the deepening of autumn is felt, the staff of our classic Porsche editorial department was waiting for the owner of a singer Porsche [more precisely, a Porsche that was re-magazineed by SVD Singer Vehicle Design]. This is because he found a comment in Krapolpa's application on November 10 stating that he was the only singer and porsche in Japan. After that, I had to exchange messages several times by e-mail and get interviews, but honestly I was waiting for the owner's appearance on the day, whether or not it was a real thing.

A light purple Porsche with a low and quiet engine sound. If you don't notice some distinctive designs, it might just look like a pretty narrow Porsche. The owner I met for the first time was very friendly. I found it on an overseas site and purchased arrows and shields irresistibly. Ma
I thought about how to import it to Japan and then go through scrutineering. I did various tasks by remote control while connecting to the North American SVD via the Internet.

He said that the waiting time for ordering a new car is said to be about two years, and that only three cars, including global auctions, have appeared on the market as used cars. The Porsche based on the 1991 Carrera 4 from 1991 was shipped from SVD in 2017. The current owner is a cool person who sometimes wears a roof carrier and rides actively.

First, let me explain SVD. Singer Vehicle Design's backstory starts with the idea of ​​Rob Dickinson, a British guy based in Los Angeles. He was a clear musician and the lead singer of the indie band Katherine Wheel. He is also the cousin of heavy metal band Iron Maiden's frontman Bruce Dickinson.

It was a remodeling of Porsche that Rob started as his hobby, but he retired from Hollywood with the idea of ​​tailoring a perfect 911 and started SVD in earnest in 2009. was. Since then, they have been restoring at 2-4 paces a month, and have shipped more than 100 completed vehicles to the world. The feature of the SVD is that it is restored and modified at the same time, creating a completely different personality from the base model. Rob wants to be called "Singer recreated Porsche 911."

There is a reason to base the Porsche 964. Cumulative production is approximately 30,000 units and the number of distribution units is large. Higher quality with higher durability compared to the earlier 911. Another example is the ease of modification of the coil spring suspension. In addition, the unique riding taste of the trailing arm type rear suspension is one of the reasons that the 964 is based.

This is a car that was ordered by Russian millionaires and made for riding in Italy. SVD offers an estimated 18 million customized options. Approximately $ 600,000 in development costs, excluding the price of the base vehicle, but it takes 4500 hours of work in 18 months, and production cannot keep up with orders. Therefore, the feature of SVD is that the sold vehicle is still managed only by the serial number and the name of the city where it was shipped.

The outline of the order was to make the body sporty with almost perfect carbon fiber except for the doors, while cherishing the simple image of the 1970s. The choice was 4WD which is still rare for SVD. In order to approach the nuances of a luxury car in spite of being a classic car, the suspension, steering, interior, wheels, etc. are all completely tailor-made. Moreover, the first owners seemed dissatisfied with the design of the completed interior and sent the car back to California again for additional work on genuine leather seats and door inner panels. The cost is terrible just to imagine.

The most singer-like design is the air intake of this engine. The design of a large air filter that looks efficient is particularly beautiful.

This car is equipped with a 4.0-liter flat 6 engine. From the rear hood, it is a beautiful object-like engine that sets it apart from the past. The maximum output is about 400 horsepower with air cooling. This is too much power for a car weighing about 1250kg. Apparently the hobby of the first owner was skiing, and the roof rack turned out to have been designed by the singer. The owner also owned the BMW Z8. At times he must have steered to Zurich in the north and Rome in the south.

It is a masterpiece to cover the refueling tank with a quilt-like cover made of genuine leather. This alone can clearly convey the meaning of “luxury”.

This Porsche has no gaps in every detail. When I opened the front bonnet, I noticed the diamond quilt leather cover on the fuel tank and could not stop sighing.

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