He was fined when he proposed a signal system improvement, saying, "I'm calling myself an engineer without my permission."


He was fined when he proposed a signal system improvement, saying, "I'm calling myself an engineer without my permission."

In 2014, a man who made a proposal for improving the time setting of the signal display was fined by the responsible authority for "not using an unauthorized engineer". The men fought with the pride of "engineers" and were finally found correct in the journal of the Japan Society of Transportation Technology.

Mats Järlström ’s victorious 6-year battle over yellow lights |

Mats Järlström: I Am an Engineer-IEEE Spectrum

Mats Järström is from Sweden. He received a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering and worked as a mechanic in the Swedish Air Force on airborne cameras, then worked in the design of audio products and speakers before moving to Oregon in 1992.

Jalstrom was troubled by the fact that his wife got a traffic ticket in 2013. Jarström, who was interested in the timing of the traffic light in this case, came up with a variety of people, including local press, the county sheriff, and the person who developed the current yellow signal formula, who came up with an idea for improvement. Shared ideas.

He also tried to share information with the Oregon State Technical and Surveying Review Committee, but instead of listening to Mr. Jalstrom's suggestions for improvement, he conducted a two-year background survey and asked him We fined $ 500 (about 54,000 yen). The reason the commission imposed a fine on Mr. Jalstrom was "it is illegal for anyone other than a state-approved engineer to 'criticize' the signal logic," "A person who does not have a national qualification as an engineer, It is illegal to call it ".

In contrast to the fact that there are “ engineers '' in various fields in Japan, “ engineers (technicians) '' and “ technicians (technicians) '' are clearly separated, and unqualified people claim to be “ engineers '' It is true that some countries and states state that they should not. However, the Oregon State Technical and Survey Review Committee committee seemed particularly rigorous, and in addition to Jarstrom's case, a mechanical engineering award with experience working at Ford and Boeing and receiving numerous engineering awards. His governor candidate was also accused of claiming to be an "engineer".

Mr. Jalstrom considered what he said “ don't give himself an engineer '' was “ not only 'American' but also a violation of the Constitution '', and state regulations on the definition of the word “ engineer '' and engineering practices Has filed a lawsuit on the First Amendment of the Constitution that has filed an objection. After a three-year battle, the court agreed to a preliminary injunction filed by Jalstrom as part of a lawsuit. In addition, the Commission acknowledged that it violated Jalstrom's rights under the First Amendment in the interpretation of "engineer."

In the Journal of the Transportation Engineers, published by the Japan Society of Transportation Technology in March 2020, Jay Beaver correctly pointed out Mr. Jalstrom and found that the current system had problems. . The yellow signal was introduced in the 1920s, and various studies have been conducted on the problem since the 1960s. The Japan Society of Transportation Technology plans to publish a more detailed and technical report in late March.

ITE Journal-March 2020 (34-35)

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