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Seven-Eleven"Chicken & Eggs (Chili)" that you can eat protein is on sale now!

Isn't the best product that is delicious but perfect for dieting? In the summer when you tend to be concerned about flesh, I want to get the ideal style by efficiently ingesting protein, the author will immediately report!

The latest in the high protein series

The high protein series released by Seven-Eleven was secretly talked about among diet girls. Did you know? Seven-Eleven is launching a series of products that offer delicious protein such as pork shabu salad, cold-steamed snacks with cold snacks, and cold-steamed snacks with cold snacks.

The high protein series, in fact, is a product that meets the Consumer Agency's "high protein" labeling standards! According to official standards, only products that correspond to 16.2 g protein per 100 g or 8.1 g protein per 100 Kcal should be labeled as high protein (by the way, chicken & egg (Chile) is 24.9 g) … The track record of satisfying the labeling standards makes us as a consumer feel secure.

Easy-to-eat design

Let's open Chicken & Egg (Chile), where you can get the protein you got. It was designed so that you can eat it without leaving your hands dirty when you open it from the opening on the edge. I'm happy that this design is designed for consumer-friendliness.

The chicken and eggs are packed with plenty of ingredients, so it's a good point that the ingredients are not spilled and easy to eat when wrapped in a package! ‥

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