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Held an online esports tournament hosted by "GALAKURO GAMING", a brand for PC gamers sold by CFD Day

CFD Day Sales, which is an expert-oriented company, will launch an online esports tournament "GALAKURO GAMING Tournament # 2" hosted by the PC gamer brand "GALAKURO GAMING" on Saturday, January 25, 2020. Held on Sunday, March 26. In this tournament, the FPS "Call of Duty Modern Warfare", which is also popular as an e-Sports title, was adopted as in # 1.

The final tournament will be broadcast live with commentary by popular commentators. This tournament will be managed by the esports tournament brand JCG.

eSports players need the highest frame rates and high reliability to win. Whether frames are dropped or input is delayed may affect the outcome. “ Frames control the game '', GALAKURO GAMING provides the ultimate game experience and game tournament enthusiasts not only for professional e-sports gamers but also for general gamers with a graphic board jointly developed with GALAX I have to.

■ Event summary
Tournament Name: GALAKURO GAMING Tournament # 2
Tournament date and time: January 25 [Sat], January 26 [Sun], 2020
Game title used: PC version Call of Duty Modern Warfare
Co-sponsored: NVIDIA [Nvidia], GALAX [Galax], expert-oriented


Live Broadcasting Site Expert Channel

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