Hello, this is the only Hello I want to hear in 2019! Masterpieces of Project 5

Hello debut of the new unit, graduation and joining of members and Hello, which was a topic in 2019! project. This time, we pick up 5 songs that we want to listen to again from the unique songs released this year. I want to look back on this year's events.

First of all, after the 20th anniversary, Morning Musume attracted attention again in the summer at ROCK IN JAPAN FESTIVAL with a hot performance. '19 "Youth Night". This year they had few releases with their best album and one single, but they left a strong mark. This song is just "Akabanebashi Funk" that you can hear right away and sing immediately.

In the MV, the 14th season, Tomoki Morito was featured, and the appearance of her dancing comically with VR goggles enjoyed the gap with cool dance shots and became a hot topic. There is a rap part in the song, Morning Musume. Then, while Ayumi Ishida is often in charge, the main one this time is Seiji Fukumura. Her rap with a strong appeal is fresh, and seems to have expanded the group's expression.

The graduation of the initial members continued, and from Anjurum, which was a year of great change, the leader, Ai Wada, graduated from the single “Koi wa Acha Acha”. Like the "4.6 Billion Years Love" released in 2018, they will definitely sing bright songs. The song that blows up the worries about Wada's graduation, which has been supporting the group since the early days, is probably because Anjurum has grown into a group with a strong personality and momentum.

For the 7th season, Haruka Ota and Suzuran Ise participated in the song for the first time, and in the phrase singing "I want to dance" before each chorus, she had a strong impact with Momo Kasahara who was in charge of the same part. Also, please watch the video by “Official Achaachya Corps” formed by members of the Hello Pro selection to spread this song.

Speaking of Juice = Juice, which had a strong new member and improved their performance, this year's song has already been praised for saying, "I'm going to live alone." ]Choice. Hide their weaknesses, express their emotions of clumsy women with high singing skills, and be supported by those who have not reached before.

In particular, the performance of NHK's “Utakon” attracted attention, and “New Vocal Ver.”, A song sung by new members who joined after the release, was distributed, and in a short period of time it grew to become one of the representative songs of Juice = Juice Was. The expression and singing voice are improved each time they are performed. The more you goose bumps, the more you will feel sharpened.

One of the major topics of Hello Pro in 2019 will be the end of the current state of Country Girls. Nanami Yanagawa graduated in March, and has been active in a four-person system of Risa Yamaki, Mai Koseki, Chisaki Morito, and Yuuki Funaki, but recently performed their last live on December 26.

What they released this summer was "One Summer Night". It is a song that tells his best friend his decision he could not tell even in love with him and goes forward. When you listen to their decision, listen to them and you will be able to get into their hearts, overlapping the figures of the four who have worked together and supported each other.

Country Girls, who had many twists and turns, including graduation and joining of members, including Momoko Tsugunaga, playing manager, and concurrent posts of other groups. There must have been conflicts that fans couldn't see. Nevertheless, I want to continue supporting the destinations of the girls who showed me as idols until the end, following Mochi Ism.

And this year, the new unit BEYOOOOONDS made a major debut in August, not only in Hello Pro but also in the idol world. "Glasses Boys" included in his debut single is a song that has made Hello Pro fans crazy from its first performance.

Each person has a role, and after the skit at the beginning, the story develops more and more while singing and dancing. Combining that novelty with their overly dark characters, visual creation of MVs and CM jackets, Halo Pro fans are a deeper and stronger group that draws in new layers.

This song is also included in the 1st album "BEYOOOOOND1St" released in November, but if you are worried, by all means from the 8th song "Sayaya song" Glasses boy "" to the 12th song "Bungee jump of the first year" I want you to listen through. The first solo live after the album was chaotic like never before, and I'm just looking forward to how they will evolve in the future.

In addition to the five songs listed this time, there are still many songs that captivated us this year. Although it was not mentioned in the five songs, Tsubaki Factory's “ The Third Date Myth '' grew into a lively one song with phrases that can not be heard, and Kobushi Factory's album “ Shinyaku second act '' is a cappella It is a masterpiece where you can enjoy their various charms such as the main song of each member.

Morning Musume released in January. '20 new songs are already exciting, but 2020 will be Hello! What happened to the project? We look forward to seeing more happy news than ever before and looking forward to a year of encounters with many great songs.

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