Helping you access trusted medical information–Google, Medical Note, Medley and others collaborate

Google announced on July 7 that it has begun efforts to support access to medical information in collaboration with healthcare professionals, experts, medical notes, and medleys.

Using the "Question Hub" tool that automatically collects and displays "unanswered" search keywords that are considered to be that users cannot find appropriate information for any topic. Providing to the project team consisting of participating healthcare professionals and medical information content production team.

As a beta version, unanswered keywords regarding new coronavirus infections are made available to the project team. This helps users understand topics of interest and grasp keywords used.

Health professionals and teams of experts provide guidance on how to prioritize themes and how to break the world's most advanced knowledge into your hands.

Based on this information, medical notes and medleys produce and publish content in a format that is easy for users to understand.

Through this initiative, the company will create an environment in which highly reliable medical information can be continuously created and will cooperate with general users to access more reliable medical information.

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