Henry Prince "Royal" loses but no blows. Expert

Although Queen Elizabeth has been reported to be banning Prince Henry and his wife Meghan from using the name "Sussex Royal," experts predict that they will not be a major blow.

One UK-based personal branding expert interviewed Yahoo UK, citing one reason why the inability of the couple to use the brand name was not a major issue: "The couple are charities they sponsor. Wisely and has sent a consistent message to the world. "

"The couple will lose some value from the brand, but ultimately their reputation as a former royal is steadfast and always recognized in the UK, US and even global markets. "It doesn't seem like a big blow just to pick up a brand."

The couple had already invested enormously on the official website of the "Sussex Royale", seeking to add the brand to clothes, stationery, books, etc., and to register it as a global trademark for various activities.

In addition, the couple have begun to establish a new charity organization, "Sussex Royal," but in the future they need to start over with branding.

The royal family has reviewed the couple's use of the word "royalty" and is reportedly in talks with them, but sources have told the Daily Mail newspaper that the couple had been separated. He seems to have accepted the fact that the brand cannot use the brand as he wishes.

However, having to start over with everything that has been done under a new brand must be a big deal. [New York = Naoko Kame]

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