HEROZ,capital increase through public offering and the market, announced a change in the stock is split 2 to

■2Q sales of 17. 2% increase,operating income 6. 4% increase

HEROZ[4382]is 6 days over after 20 years, 4 months 2nd quarter, fiscal year-to-date [19 years 5 months~10 months]earnings. Sales year-to-year comparison 17. 2%, an increase of 7. 5 million 700 million yen,operating income 6. An increase of 4% 2,4 billion 400 million yen,ordinary income of 4. 0% to 2 3 billion,800 million yen, and net income is the same 3. 5% to 1 6 billion,400 million yen.

Also, at the same time issuance of new shares and secondary offering of shares to the resolution and announced the 12 month 25 date at the TSE Part 1 or Part 2 market to market change. Public offering capital increase by the increase in the number of shares is 33 million 5,400 shares,the current total issued and outstanding shares of approximately 4. 8%dilution of the possible patterns. Other 20 years 2 on 1 date in shares of common stock 1 share for 2 share split resolved to a fluid number of shares is going to increase only.

■SMBC Nikko Securities Inc. and Business Alliance announced

Our own research on AI technologies for deep learning MLaaS [machine Leaening as a Service]offering HEROZ. 18 years and 4 months on the Tokyo Stock Exchange Mothers market on opening published price of 10. 9 times and unusual opening, the market has become a hot topic. Chess AI and go AI and other game areas in the world run the top companies.

Chess and other game data, AI analysis technologies,companies, etc., the data of deep learning by utilising the analysis,support and optimization of corporate activities in order to use for AI products,business-to-business services have strengthened.

Takenaka Corporation and Monex Securities, a system, etc., leading enterprises and service done,12 month 6 days to SMBC Nikko Securities Inc. and concluded a business Alliance agreement with a new financial service development and operational efficiency of the system for developing plays well.

■Mid-to long-term growth of investment is essential

This capital increase through public offering by about 40 billion financing plan to do so,either for business expansion or Fund a policy so. AI in the development of excellent engineers employed and the server, such as capital expenditure into the procurement funds will provide force to aid service revenue growth for the upfront investment to do the pattern.

TSE 1 unit or 2 unit to market changes in a few conditions,TSE 1st Section market changes,”the most recent 2 years profit total more than 5 billion or the market capitalization of 500 billion yen or more”is necessary,other companies in the market change not. AI technology development company from the market high expectations, and have received the market change machine, focusing on institutional investors collect investments likely to say so. [Article: 拓蔵・The article list to look at]

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