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"Hey Siri" compatible wireless earphone Powerbeats4 coming soon? Clues in iOS 13.3-Engadget Japan version

The code that was found in iOS 13.3 by the Apple-related information site 9to5Mac. From this description, the magazine explains that Powerbeats4 has the ability to talk to Siri just by saying “Hay Siri” (without tapping).

This means that there is a high possibility that the H1 chip developed by Apple and installed in the 2nd generation AirPods will be adopted. By the wayPrevious model Powebeats3Has the same W1 chip as the original AirPods. To use Siri, you need to talk until you press the center button on the cable until you hear a chime sound.

Furthermore, with the H1 chip,Siri's message reading feature introduced in iOS 13.2May also be supported. If this function is supported, the incoming message will be read out without unlocking the iPhone, and it will be possible to reply with a voice message.

Like this time, unreleased Apple products and accessories have been exposed from the latest version of iOS. For example, active noise cancellationAirPods Pro also found clues from iOS 13.2 beta.

Already Apple is Beats brand and Hay Siri compatiblePowerbeats ProIs on sale. However, there is no cable at all, and for the “complete” wireless, Powerbeats3 is a type with a cable between the left and right ear pads. The Powerbeats4 with the same series name is probably a type with a cable between left and right.

That's why the price at the official online store is 24800 yen for Powerbeats Pro and 19,800 yen for Powerbeats3 (excluding tax). Powerbeats4 is also cheaper than Powerbeats Pro, and may become an entry model like the 2nd generation AirPods for AirPods Pro.

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