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Speaking of a popular persistent menu on the side menu of PisaraApple Pie"! !! I ate it for the first time, but … it was a mess.

Pizzara "apple pie" is crazy

Consecutive holidays spent at home. The existence of home delivery pizza is really appreciated.

In the previous article,Spring gourmet quarterWe introduced seasonal pizza, but this time, pay attention to the side menu that we ordered together!

"Apple pie" is one of the most popular side dishes in the pizzara side menu. According to the pizzara's public information, there are three points.
・ Luxury use of "Burttany butter"
・ Uses crispy pie dough with up to 216 layers
・ Cinnamon-flavored apple pie with plenty of apple wrapped in the dough

Just listen to these words and you'll know it's delicious!

Open the delivered box and you'll see a square apple pie filling the box!

I was surprised that it was bigger than I expected. It is about the size of a typical loaf of bread.

Inside is hot apple filling. Cinnamon has a modest and light sweetness. It contains a lot of diced apples, so it has a crispy texture!

Above all, this fabric! It's very light, the edges are crispy, and the center has a fluffy texture.

And this time, I ordered another side menu.

Shazam! Vanilla Icecream!

The vanilla ice cream is not too thick and is perfect for the coming season.

Of course you can eat it as it is …

Let's get on the apple pie!

Cold apple pie is soaked into the hot apple pie and it's heaven here.

The combination of crispy apple pie and cold vanilla ice cream was the best.

You're thinking of asking for pizza! Pay attention to "Apple Pie" on the side menu!

Store: Pizzala
Menu: Apple Pie
Price: 390 yen + tax
Official site:Freshly baked apple pie | PIZZA-LA

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