Hidekazu Mashima starring "Kirin comes", positive in PCR test

The office to which actor Hidekazu Majima [43] was infected with the new coronavirus was announced on the 10th.

According to the official Twitter of the office, he had a fever of 37.8 degrees on the 6th, and he went to a medical institution and had a PCR test. The next day a positive result came out. However, he has returned to normal fever, has an appetite, and has no other symptoms. At the office, "We will continue to strive to recover treatment according to the instructions of medical institutions and administrative agencies. We apologize for any inconvenience and concern to everyone who supports us and everyone concerned. I will tell you."

Mashima appears in the role of Toshi Hosokawa, a friend of Mitsuhide Akechi [Hiroki Hasegawa], in the NHK taiga drama "Kirin ga Kuru", which has been interrupted by Corona. According to officials, Majima most recently participated in the drama recording on July 30th, and since it was a week before the fever, it is generally believed that there are no rich contacts in the cast or staff of the drama. ..

Regarding future participation in recording, it seems that it will be resumed based on the manual of the station while consulting with NHK. It is said that no one of the performers and staff of "Kirin comes" is sick.

Mashima will also star in the Nippon Television series drama "Ojisan likes cute things." [Thursday 11:59 pm], which started on the 13th. On the official website of "Ojisanha-" on the 10th, we received the announcement of Maona's corona infection. "We will start broadcasting on August 13th as scheduled." The filming was completed on the same day, and there are no close contacts with other casts or staff. However, for the variety programs that Majima was planning to appear in for the promotion of the drama, the performers will be changed because they are not recorded.

According to his office, the reading event that Majima was scheduled to attend in Tokyo on the 15th will be postponed.

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