Hideki Noda, 64, "everyday is heaven and hell" 4th child girl born

The playwright and actor, Hideki Noda [64], was born on the 3rd, the third child was born. It was reported in a New Year's card that arrived the same day, and was said to have been born last fall.

The New Year's card prefaces, "Why is life like a wonderland that continues to be such a surprise?" reported. "I'm growing up well, but it's good, but at the age of ten, my five-year-old, one-year-old, and 〇-year-old, surrounded by four children, go to heaven and hell. "They come and go every day." "The swing is quite large. At the moment, it's about 52% of hell and 48% of heaven."

This year, besides the Tokyo Caravan's premier performance in Hokkaido, etc., the One Green Bottle performance in Taiwan and New York, the first performance in the Tokyo Drama DOJO started last year, the Akaoni, and the opera performance in the fall Just because the schedule, such as the production, is very slow, please say, "For everyday people, four people are full, please take care of yourself, God!" Screaming.

Noda married his actress in 1986 during the "Yume no Yuminsha" era, but divorced in 1993. In 2005 she remarried actress Yoko Fujita [39]. The first eldest daughter was born in 2009, the second daughter was born in 2014, and the eldest son was born in 2018.

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