Hideki Noda expresses opinion "Is it really good to cancel the performance?"

The playwright and director Hideki Noda [64] announced on the official website on the 1st amid a series of self-restraints such as cultural events, saying "Is it really good to cancel the performance?"

Noda said, "I will express my opinion that I want to continue the performance as a theater person," and said that "scheduled performances should be implemented" on the premise that it will consult with infectious disease experts and take countermeasures. did. "Drama is an art with audiences." "Once a theater is closed, it may be difficult to reopen it, which could mean" the death of theater "." Regarding the theatrical people who will continue the performance or plan, "I am worried that the reputation of" selfish artists "will be circulating. I am thinking about many stage officials who make a living from the performance income" .

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