Hideki Noda's daughter Juju "I dream of going to F1"

Former F1 driver Hideki Noda's daughter and second-year junior high school student Juju [real name, Junjun Noda] attended Miki House's New Year celebration [Osaka City] on the 10th.

Juju made his F4 debut at the age of nine and stepped up to an F3 car at the age of thirteen, and in 20 years decided to be based in Denmark. He said he should move with his family, including his father, and said, "I know from now on that I will hit various walls. I want to face them one by one and get over them."

Considering age when changing bases, first consider in the US and Europe. He said, "My dream is a European road. I could run in Denmark. [In the future] I dream of racing in Formula 1 and racing." First, he will train for warriors in Denmark for one year, aiming for a turnaround in Europe.

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