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Hidran returns to Pokemon GO Legend Raid and crawls until September 10th, despite the heat. Countermeasure is a double weakness “Jimen''-Engadget Japanese version

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<p>Pokemon GO</p>
<p>Legend of Pokemon GO Raid boss, the legendary Pokemon "Hedran" reappears instead of the phantom Pokemon "Genosect".</p>
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Hidran is a "hono/hagane" type, so "jimen" is a double weak point. There is no doubt that Pokemon with high attack power are lined up simply for the purpose of countermeasures.

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<p>Pokemon GO</p>
<p>Heidran is a legendary Pokemon (Shin Ou region, 4th generation) that first appeared in the 2006 Nintendo DS "Pokemon Diamond Pearl".</p>
<p>At the end of 2018, Pokemon GO suddenly appeared while Yuxie Emrit Agnom was expected to appear and weakened the trainer.</p>
<p>Since the re-appearance in January 2020, individuals with different colors have also joined, so it is an opportunity to try again for trainers who have not captured yet.</p>
<p>The Legend of Heidran The appearance of the raid boss from August 22, 2020<strong>Until September 10</strong>..</p>
<h2>Hedran's weaknesses, measures Pokemon</h2>
<p>Hidran is a "hono/hagane" composite type. Excellent combination of double weaknesses, with resistance to 10 types including 6 double resistances.</p>
<p><strong>Jimen (double weakness, about 2.5 times)</strong></p>
<p>Kakuto Mizu (about 1.6 times)</p>
<p><strong>Bug/Fairy/Kusa/Kori/Doku/Hagi (Double resistance, approx. 0.4 times)</strong></p>
<p>Dragon/Hiko/Normal/Esper (About 0.6 times)</p>
<p>As a countermeasure, it is usual to simply pursue the double weakness of "jimen".</p>
<h3>Hidran Countermeasures Pokemon:</h3>
<p>・Desiden, Sideon</p>
<p>・ Drews (Evolved from Mogure)</p>
<p>・Golugue (evolved from Gobit)</p>
<p>It was confirmed that the purpose was "jimen" type. If you have the purpose of using a noodle type, the lag large and the flygon are also powerful.</p>
<p>If there is no Pokemon that has been cultivated sincerely, Kyogre, Kairiki, etc. raised by hand will also be active.</p>
<p>Hidran is a plain existence among the legendary Pokemon, and even if you read the picture book, it only explains about "living in a cave of a volcano", "crawling on a wall or ceiling", "making a high fever".</p>
<p>Many of the other legendary Pokemon have mythological legends such as "controlling the universe" or "in Genesis myths", or otherwise anecdotal, but the special point is "crawling on walls and ceilings". Then, I feel suspicious that it is a legendary existence.</p>
<p>Although it is a Pokemon that makes jokes with its humorous appearance, it is an elite blessed with 251 attacks, 213 defenses, and 209 HP in terms of status. It is a Pokémon that can be used as an attacker and even in PvP, though it is not blessed on purpose.</p>
<figure><img src=Pokemon GO, redoing Dragon Week due to a defect. Redistribute Time Challenge from August 21st

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