Higashi Takahiro, impressive hearing from Shimura with his father Hachiro

A comedian, Takahiro Higashi [50], appeared on Nippon Broadcasting Corporation "Fumio Takada's Radio Beverly Lunch" [Monday-Friday at 11:30 am] on 31st, and died on the 29th, comedian Ken Shimura [Kenen] 70]

Comedian Higashihachiro [age 52], who died in 1988 as an eastern father, had a friendship with Shimura before his birth. The role of Shimura-san's representative contest “Baka-dono” was also the story played by Hachiro-san at the theater in Asakusa. In the Fuji TV series "Ken Shimura's Fool", which started in 1986, Hachiro-san played the first elder brother.

Higashi said, "Mr. Shimura told me that he went to drink with his father. He gave a geisha at Mukojima and told him that his father was passing a celebration. I thought he was doing it. "

When Shimura consulted with Hachiro that the children were making fun of "idiots", Hachiro said, "What I think is stupid is that I don't know what I'm playing. It's good as an entertainer. " "That's why I did better about me, took me to drink and told me various stories. I grew up watching the Drifters since elementary school, so I was moved by the superstar "

Higashi participated in Shimura's representative control, "Heavenly Uncle" when he guest-starred on a special program for Fuji TV series "Ken Shimura Daijyo Dada" broadcasted in November 2017. I asked Shimura-san dressed as a strange uncle, "What are you !?" Higashi said, "Before the production, officials told me that this role was the third generation because I had only done this role of Masashi Tashiro and Katsuhiro Higo [ostrich club]. So I was nervous suddenly I'm sorry for that. "

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