Higedan 2 performance postponed, drum Matsuura Masaki influenza onset

On April 19, the four-member band Official Beard Dism was on the official website, and the drummer Masayuki Matsuura became flu-influenza. The Yonago City Public Hall and Kurashiki Civic Hall on the same day were scheduled for the same day. Announced to postpone two tours.

Vocal Satoshi Fujiwara said on Twitter, "I'm really sorry just before. The whole team is full of disappointment and frustration. I promise to come back to revenge with the best conditions and the best live next month." It was written.

The Kurashiki performance will be postponed to February 21 and the Yonago performance will be postponed to 22.

The band was formed in June 2012. The major debut single "No Doubt" released in April, 2006 became a long hit. Last July, the first Nippon Budokan performance was realized. Last year, he played his first NHK Red and White song in Omisoka.

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