Higedan Makoto Narasaki marries former E-Girls Sayaka Yamamoto

On the 24th, the official homepage announced that Makoto Narasaki [30], the base and saxophone of the official four-piece rock band Official Beardism, is going to marry.

On his website, he reports, "I'm going to be married to someone I've been dating for some time." "Public and private are both still immature, but we want to be more aspiring." The partner was a former E-Girls member, Sayaka Yamamoto [32], who had been reported to be dating in some places, and Yamamoto also updated Instagram on the same day. "I would like to report to you. This time, Sayaka Yamamoto has been married to someone who has been with me for a while." Yamamoto describes Narazaki as "a sincere and warm laughter and a lovely laughter since I met him," he said. "I will continue to support him as a partner in life, who will take his work seriously."

Last year, the band members were married during the marriage rush, with Daisuke Osasa [26] playing guitar in July, vocalist Satoshi Fujiwara [28] in November, and drummer Masayuki Matsuura [27] in December. He was the only single member.

全 Full text announced on the official website below ◇

As a personal matter, I have been married to someone I have been dating for some time.

He supported me on the path of music.

I do not forget to thank everyone who supported me, and although I am still immature, both public and private, I would like to walk more aggressively.

I hope you will keep watching me warmly.

February 24, 2020

Official beard man dism

Ba. / Sax. Makoto Narazaki

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