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High color and smooth! "Bobbie Brown Lux Lip Color Limited 3 Colors" for dry and plump lips

Red Rose limited package suitable for the New Year collection!

Recommended for the first purchase! Limited edition of best selling items"Bobbie Brown Lux Lip Color Limited 3 Colors"Appeared! Two new colors inspired by ruby ​​and sapphire and existing best-selling colors will be released as a New Year collection in a limited package. I immediately tried out the limited colors of popular lips that lead to plump lips with coloration and smooth texture while watching!

Limited edition of best selling item appears in limited package of Red Rose

Bobbi BrownNew Year collection products"Bobbie Brown Lux Lip Color"Limited three colors appeared! Lux Lip Color is the ultimate luxury lip with a luxurious combination of skin care ingredients. Moisturizing ingredients moisturize well and lead to plump lips. Another characteristic is that it gives a beautiful color development as seen with a single coat.

Released this time"Bobbie Brown Lux Lip Color Limited 3 Colors" (SRP: 4,200 yen excl. Tax, on sale January 17, 2020. * Limited quantity)There are three new colors, L01 Real Ruby and L02 Pink Sapphire, inspired by ruby ​​and sapphire, and the existing best-selling color L03 Parisian Red.

The color of L01 Real Ruby is deep ruby ​​red, the color of L02 Pink Sapphire is bright nudie pink, and the color of L03 Parisian Red is bright red.

Don't miss the exclusive package of red roses that are gorgeous and luxurious. Both the package and the shade are special limited colors, so it can be said that it is a luxury item suitable for the New Year.

High color development with smooth texture! On the lips full of moisture

Try "L01 Realby" as the main!

The color is ruby ​​red. It is a deep, mature red lip.

The texture is creamy and smooth. It grows well and has a surprisingly vivid color appearance.

When you apply it to your lips, it spreads smoothly and adapts, so it is very easy to apply.

Vivid ruby ​​red is beautifully colored. A finish with a deep color that makes you feel mature and elegant. Plenty of moisture and beautiful gloss. I'm glad that the dry and dry lips look plump.

The lips did not dry out over time and the color was good. Ruby Red is a perfect color when dressed up, as it has a high coloration that makes you feel elegant. It looks good on kimono.

Recommended for those who are looking for a red lip that looks good for adults, and those who like a highly moisturizing lip with high coloration as seen.

"Bobbi Brown Lux Lip Color Limited 3 Colors" can be purchased from the Bobbi Brown Official Online Shop or from Bobbi Brown retailers. Please check early for those who are worried because of the limited quantity.

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