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High cover and thin adhesion prevent it from collapsing! Cezanne's new liquid foundation for perfect skin

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One of the problems with summer base makeup is the breakdown of makeup due to sweat and sebum. In particular, liquid type foundations have high moisturizing power, but when sweating, they often become muddy. Cezanne's new foundation will solve such problems."Cezanne Lasting Cover Foundation".. The anti-shine powder mixed in the liquid absorbs excess sebum and keeps your makeup smooth skin forever! Is the feeling that you are interested in or is it really hard to collapse? I tried to verify.

Firmly covers skin problems! New liquid foundation from Cezanne with a light and natural finish

Cezanne Cosmetics Co., Ltd."Cezanne," developed by (Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo), is a total make-up brand that sells a lot of cosmetics that give maximum consideration to safety and security.

Since it was founded in 1964, there are many long-selling items that have been favored by women for over 10 years, and low prices and high quality are supported.

Front of the bottle of "Cezanne Lasting Cover Foundation"

From Cezanne, a new liquid foundation that wipes out the problems of summer base makeup"Cezanne Lasting Cover Foundation" (27g, suggested retail price 680 yen excluding tax, some pre-sale from August 18, 2020)Appeared!

Bottle up of "Cezanne lasting cover foundation"

SPF50/PA++, perfect for UV care in the midsummer. No UV absorber is used, so people with sensitive skin can use it with confidence.

Back of the bottle of "Cezanne Lasting Cover Foundation"

There are 3 color variations: "00 bright beige", "10 bright ocher" and "20 natural ocher". Available in beige and ocher colors that are easy to blend in with Japanese women's skin.

This time, "10 bright ocher system" is used.

"Cezanne Lasting Cover Foundation" placed on a purple floor

With the soft focus effect that diffusely reflects light, it also covers irregularities on your skin and pores that you care about. It has a smooth and light texture, so it stretches smoothly and adheres to the skin.

It contains powder that prevents shine and keeps your skin smooth even if you sweat. In addition, since it contains 5 types of moisturizing ingredients, it can firmly handle makeup breakage due to drying.

I can have confidence in the close quarters in summer! Try Liquid Foundation for smooth semi-matt skin

"Cezanne Lasting Cover Foundation" bottle in your right hand

Let's use it now.

Shaking the bottle of "Cezanne Lasting Cover Foundation"

Shake the bottle well before using.

The back of the hand with a small amount of "Cezanne Lasting Cover Foundation"

The standard of usage is about 1 yen coin. Since the growth is good, it's OK to think "Isn't it a little…?"

Applying "Cezanne Lasting Cover Foundation" on the back of the hand

The liquid has a slightly mellow texture, and when stretched on the back of the hand, it covered the ara on the skin surface well.

The difference between the bare skin and the part where the foundation is applied is obvious! It can be seen that the color of the skin is more uniform and the color unevenness is eliminated compared to bare skin.

When you actually apply it on your cheeks…?

At first, the texture was a little heavy, but as it spreads over the entire face, it gradually changes into a powdery texture. It's a light feeling that you can't think of as a liquid foundation, and almost no skin stress is felt.

Smooth semi-matte skin is completed in no time! -While thinning, it covers the redness, dullness, and pores of the skin firmly, resulting in a uniform skin color.

Since it contains moisturizing ingredients, it got a little shiny over time, so it seems good to layer "Cezanne UV silk cover powder" released on the same day. Also, if you are apt to get shiny in the T zone, you can add Cezanne's very popular product "Sebum shine prevention base" to further enhance the sebum shine prevention effect.

Cezanne's new liquid foundation will be released from August 18, 2020!

"Cezanne Lasting Cover Foundation" was an excellent liquid foundation that covered small amounts of uneven skin color and redness of acne scars. If you use the base and face powder together according to the skin quality, it seems that a base makeup that will not collapse even in summer will be completed. It's also nice that the semi-matte finish has a nice luster, and it is hard to get a thick coating.

Products can be purchased from Cezanne stores such as drug stores and variety stores nationwide.

If you are interested, please check it out.

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