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These days, the images of drive recorders frequently flow in the news. I don't want to think that my car is involved in an accident, but I'm still worried about the recent situation of drive recorders. And if you're a Porsche owner, you naturally want a high-spec model. Therefore, we asked Porsche owner Yoichiro Maeda, a former male fashion magazine editor-in-chief, to report the latest model of Kenwood, a high-spec drive recorder equipped with two cameras, front and rear, from the owner's perspective.

It was four years ago that I received 930 in 1984 with a two-digit number from an acquaintance in Hiroshima. The odometer, which was 74,000 km at the time, is now measuring 105,000 km. Although the individual value of the 911 series has soared for several years and the 930 series, which was once traded for the amount of two bundles and three sentences, is probably not leaking at present, for me Porsche is a practical car, running and Nambo excellent Because it is a machine, I don't care about some "wasteful" voices, so I use it as a reed from traveling a long distance to commuting. The experience that 993 of 963 who previously owned it ran 120,000 km in almost no trouble in 10 years, Porsche in the air-cooled era is better if you run it moderately linked.

Even when mounted on the windshield, the size of the drive recorder does not impair the driving feel at all.

In that case, what is worrisome is the situation under "use" rather than the state of "storage". We routinely park in both coin parking and on-street parking spaces, but the scariest spot here is escape and mischief. Fortunately, this has never been the case, but as car-sharing and rent-a-car have permeated, the consciousness of what was once a matter of course-your own car-your valuable property-is becoming somewhat sparse. Has begun to worry about unexpected accidents and damage.The other day, a young couple suddenly [possibly] bumped a door at the next car in a situation that seems to be returning a sharing car. I didn't know if each other's vehicle was damaged, but it was just the moment I saw something I didn't want to see, of course, to a soaring car [regardless of my will] The jealousy and harassment of people are not without their heads.

In addition, people are beginning to think that encounters with unexpected accidents that cannot be prevented by themselves, such as the problem of tilt driving and reverse running, are not individual.

However [although this is a common problem for all owners of classic cars], the insurance of classic cars still has a high hurdle, both financially and systematically. Somehow I have car insurance, but to be honest, it is not at a level that guarantees the premium value of an old car.

Well, that's why I'm worried about drive recorders. The conditions are unexpectedly clear, [1] the viewing angle is wide, [2] the recording time of the parking state is as long as possible, [3] the image quality is good, [4] it is compact, and [5] it is easy to put on and take off.

The DRV-MR745, which was released in October 2018 and further improved the popular DRV-MR740. In addition to the conventional F1.8 lens and full high-definition recording [1920 x 1080], a smoke see-through function that can shoot brightly even with smoked rear glass and an even wider-angle lens have been adopted.

Kenwood's "DRV-MR745", which I borrowed this time, almost cleared these five conditions.

First of all, the condition ①② is that we want to record as much time as possible in a wide range as much as possible for accidents and mischief, but with a front camera of 122 ° horizontal 63 ° diagonal 150 ° is the top class wide class in the industry That's right, at this installation position, it will take you close to the side turn signal lamps. In addition to being able to shoot for 24 hours with the power off, it also shoots with motion detection, so it is a nice performance when you have to park for a long time.

The wide viewing angle lens uses a wide angle lens with a horizontal 122 ° vertical 63 ° diagonal 150 °. Even at the intersection of two lanes on one side, not only oncoming vehicles but also pedestrians walking on the sidewalks on both sides and vehicles entering from the left and right can be accurately detected. Above all, JVC Kenwood's video camera technology has become extremely high-quality, not only with high image quality and resolution, but also with the beauty of depiction.

Regarding condition [3], I want a quality that can be used for recording when driving or touring with friends, rather than for monitoring. Although it is good to install an in-vehicle camera and shoot, the situations you want to keep unexpectedly come unexpectedly, and if the drive recorder you usually install replaces the in-vehicle camera, it was better than that There is no. I ran in the city of Ginza, but the sky did not fly over and the shade did not disappear. The color expression was clearly reflected, as well as the resolution. As expected, there is only a reputation for image quality. Since the included MicroSD card has become 32GB, it seems that it can be used as a leisure recording medium.

Needless to say, I do not want to install large equipment in a compact room! For that reason. The rear camera of the DRV-MR745 was fairly compact, but when the photographer stepped on the rear seat during shooting, he stuck in his head [laughs]. Well, although it is a daily use, it is quite an emergency situation to put people on the rear seat [laugh]. The reason for ⑤ is that you want to easily put on and take off in an emergency situation.

Even if you attach it to the rear, it will not hurt your view or interior. There are many cars on the rear with smoke treatment, but when the smoke see-through function is turned on, it is as clear as it is when it is not smoked glass during the day, and it looks as good even in shade and at night. Depending on the presence or absence of smoked glass, it can be set from three types, "dark", "light", and "none".

As I have mentioned many times, I use the 930 as a daily reed, but in order to keep the room temperature from rising even slightly in summer, I put a light smoke seat [though not very much] on the rear glass. I stick it on the surface. As a postscript, this "DRV-MR745" seemed to also correct the light, and it was bright enough so that the presence or absence of the smoke sheet was almost unnoticeable.

The MicroSD card included with the "DRV-MR745" was 16GB in the conventional model, but now has a large capacity of 32GB, making it possible to store video recordings for a longer time. In addition, the use of an in-vehicle power cable [sold separately] enables monitoring of shock and moving objects within the lens range for up to 24 hours. Stand-alone type / front / back shooting compatible 2 camera drive recorder Full HD / 2.7V type microSDHC card: 32GB included / open price

If you own the 911, especially in the air-cooled era, you probably know that this machine is still an excellent car that you can use everyday, but if you turn it over, you will not use a classic car in modern times Synonymous with exposing classic cars to modern traffic conditions. At the very least, I realized again that additional equipment may require the latest and best selection. The DRV-MR745, which is necessary equipment for a classic car, is likely to be one of them.

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Yoichiro Maeda
Born in 1969. Joined Housewife and Seikatsusha in 2006 and became editor-in-chief of "LEON" in 2011. In 2017, he was appointed as the head of the Leon Content Business Office. He was appointed the branding manager of "LEON" and the editor-in-chief of "LEON.JP". Joined Culture Convenience Club in 2019. Currently a CCC Creative Executive Producer.

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