High school course selection and College costs

The new corona virus infection for course selection and heavy decision to make that high school students like. For more information later in the report, but this time Osaka and Hyogo Prefecture high school career guidance in charge of Your by teacher interviews and surveys or from some opinions of the possible career options when selecting a major barrier to College expenses for.

【Here】High School student job search,a new type of Corona affected Schedule 1-month slide

■Mercy students

High School 3rd grade career guidance is generally soon after the new term has started the course of questionnaire in the beginning,5 months・6 Months 3 person interviews to follow. Then, 7 months of summer vacation before the concrete University・College・companies such as Refine, during the summer, the open campus and company visits, such as mismatch to prevent teaching overlapping them. Therefore, students from a job or lost when it comes to students each year from the summer before is not there.

This year’s new Corona infection of the affected school has closed for the variance to school measures, and was also the course schedule is significantly one of them. In addition some companies confidentially next year for high school students employment to shrink that sounded such as,if you are wondering if students in the early College to steer people that way. However, in universities it is much better so their family circumstances, so some of the students, and at the moment still decide from those who have a certain number that in……

■All 7 on from

In the light of these circumstances, previous to this paper noted, the government is a company of high school students recruitment the start of the 1-month slide 10 a month from us.

It is good, the job information of the lifting of the ban is currently years and 7 months 1 day done, so that after school job votes going to arrive in about 1 week,i.e. 7 on 7 days in each year as compared to the many jobs of less accurate judgments when I can.

Therefore, this year’s employment or academic advancement or on the border of lost in that students had the status quo, recognized it immediately made the decision that would say that.

■University students about the cost

7 on early decisions must be students, of course, the next year after high school to 3rd grade and to students and parents for reference and for University students the cost for.

In Figure 1, The Japan Finance Corporation is 3 on published materials from the extract.

From high school to go to University when tuition fees than large and expensive.

National University of the Ministry of Education Ministerial Order cost has been determined, the private University depends on the University, the figure is the survey results of the mean, and more.

First year tuition and fees other than examination fees and admissions declined to the University fees, textbooks and a student commuter pass such as a home, education expenses, such as, and combined with the national first year tuition fee of 8% greater, private from 5% to 6% of the cost is required.

These costs of financial resources, and home education, besides education loans and scholarships to utilize for you. Scholarships have, in recent years is the increase of users and the trouble is also increasing like this in the near future we will make a report. [Article: Inagawa 海豹・The article list to look at]

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