High school girl waste: “Majime” Rina Asakawa gives “Lily” Yui Kobayashi as a wall don…

ノ The fourth episode of the serial drama “School Girl High School Waste” [TV Asahi, Friday at 11:15 pm] was broadcast on February 14 based on Vino's school comedy manga that was also animated. In the same episode, Majime Koto Ichisou of "Twink Girls" [Rina Asakawa, Kanae], and Lily Someya ["Yuki Kobayashi", Keyakizaka46] of "Yuri Girl of the Small Devil" are wall dons. There are scenes to do, and on SNS, "Well, the wall don came!" "The combination of the wall don is precious," "I love Majime … Is the wall don the best?" The response has risen.

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